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  • skiboardguru skiboardguru Sep 18, 2003 12:30 AM Flag

    Can I make a request please ?

    Can we please get this board back to fundamental discussions on dks please ? All this childish posting here is just boring and just plain dumb.....I hold dks and have tons of confidence in them long term.....

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    • I think we all know when that will happen and who will need to fall off the planet!


    • ski, I recommended your post and couldn't agree more. Rest assured there are many others out there in the silent majority who agree as well. It would be nice to see how many "recommenders" you end up getting as a show of support. Unfortunately, the nature of these boards will doom your request until "they" get bored and move on. For my part, the "ignore" feature has cut the babble to a dull roar.

      Fyi, I've been accumulating more small lots at recent prices. The business is performing well and that is all that matters in the long run.


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      • Maw,

        Agree with some of your positions and support your right to state your case, but who elected you the representative of the masses?

        Get real! This is an open forum. Don't like something, say so or shut up. Don't start with the holier-than-thou B.S.

        Love DKS long.


      • Good morning mawcheck,

        Thanks for your response....Let me start this morning off with a topic : hurricane isabel.....

        How does isabel impact dks ? I do see they have several stores in N.C., although I was thinking theres arguments pro/con on this....The obvious pro being temporary shutdown of stores/damage.....The pro would be the potential strong increase in store sales of necessities like battery run lamps and other hurricane aided items.....Any opinions ?

        Could this week's selloff be due to the hurricane, only to be followed by a surge in stock price after it passes ? Thats mt theory, which is why I am buying....Got lucky with my timing in terms of my limit purchase of 33.84, which was right around low of 33.80, so Im sitting solid.....Was in previously at 37.50 not long ago, but sold at a slight loss to take advantage of bsx, which I netted 12% on....Now Im back on dks, and will hold strong....dks's #'s are among the strongest in sector.....

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