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  • dicksmatrix dicksmatrix Sep 26, 2003 11:29 AM Flag


    Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

    As far as Wacko's consistency is concerned, need I remind everyone how this fraudulent turd came on the scene.

    "I'm in at $40. I hope it goes up, but everything I touch turns to shit. Is there anyone out there that can help me. I am an unfortunate asshole who can't tie my own shoes. Please help me."

    He sure has come a long way. He's now an unfortunate asshole who wears loafers.


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    • last time I checked DKS was up...

    • You guys should just be glad DKS isnt down as much as TSA....walkets would really be giving it to you then....

    • Maxi boy, you still giving this idiot the time of day? He is more ignorant than Hillary Clinton!

      He knows he's an asshole- but he gets a kick out of riling folks up! When dicks hits $40, $50 +++++ he'll still be here with his foolish claims of demise.

      Hey walkets I got a big old hug and kiss for ya, come and get it xoxoxoxoxoxox


    • In the 40s?

      You've got be kidding me.

      DKS will NEVER see the 40s again.


      Ever, no way, no how.

      Max old tire, you're absolutely delusional.

      See you in the 20s.


    • I don't worry Walkets, young beanie baby collector...

      See you in the $40's

    • Don't worry Max old tractor, DKS will finish in the red today.

      It always does.

      That's about the only thing this company does well.

      See in you the 20s.


    • meaningless in the overall spectrum of my investment.

      If you hurry you can catch up with Dorothy and the rest of the bunch headed to Oz...I hear they are having a 2 for 1 special on brains...

      Closer to $37 than $35, oh king of wishful thinking...

    • Gosh, I guess that it's down four days and counting is meaningless to you.

      Max old trout, the longer you hold this stock the more you're going to lose.

      You got lucky once, it won't happen again.

      DKS is overvalued and the sad thing is you know it too.

      It's headed for the 20s, one painful day after another.

      Now, let's get this thing to $35 today.

      C'mon DKS you can do it.


    • yup bags under my eyes from laying in bed thinking about how I'll spend all that money I have made in DKS, while you lay there holding your pud wondering why Mommy never breast fed you.

      I wish I got paid to sit on a computer to trash a stock all day...tell your boss you are fighting a losing battle and would like another assignment.

      The sad thing is, by being such an ass you actually make people hold stronger, so in actuality your ranting and raving bites you in the ass...

    • Matrix, old horse whip, down three days and counting.

      I'd say DKS is in a hopeless downward spiral.

      Down 5-10% today.

      Lop off another 10-20% next week.

      A misarable stock held by delusional longs.

      Oh well, it's your money.

      Hope you can sleep at night.

      See you at $21.


      • 1 Reply to walkets
      • Walkets

        Old broken clock, how do you have the gall to continue to post and converse on this board after having initially posted the dishonest way you did?

        As it stands now your credibility is ZERO with everyone who visits the board except maybe the Cookiemoster_Jurel. Think about it, your only support here comes from a Sesame Street Character. Although, I'd bet he wouldn't let you hold his wallet for more than 10 seconds.

        You do realize if you were to say "night", I'd say "day", you "black" I'd say "white", you "up" I'd say "down", if you were long on DKS, I'd sell.

        Apoligize for your transgression and earn some respect. You will feel better.

        Until then all you post is nusiance and invalid.

        Longest of the Long,

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