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  • dicksmatrix dicksmatrix Nov 20, 2003 11:28 AM Flag

    liquidation (max)


    You said it. You got caught up in the hype of Elliot Waves, cookiemonster voodoo valuation formulas and bizarre market vibes. It is no secret and it is something I have heard you say time after time fundamentals - blocking and tackling - makes retailers successful. The better they are at the more valuable they are. Especially when compared to weak competitors.

    LONG and Staunch,

    Ps: You knew this one was coming!

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    • Matrix...

      Stay away from Wisconsin, it's friggin cold up there.

      Got back this evening, checked in to find another nice run for DKS. Haven't had a chance to smoke over the numbers yet, but will surely add more if anything looks different than anybody has suggested here.

      You are indeed correct, fundamentals, fundamentals, fundamentals. One of the most important thing to remind yourself when investing is if you stick with the fundamentals you'll do well. When a retailer sticks to the fundamentals they will also be successful.

      Now the tough part, selling is also part of practicing true fundamentals. I got in a little over a year ago, so tax implications at the time I sold were lessened. If I hadn't bought more at $34 (I'm tired of adding the .02 so from here on I'll refer to it at $34) I wouldn't have sold my entire first position. There are also times in life when the money is needed/wanted for other things. Isn't that why we invest, to either save money for retirement or to occassionaly make the lifestyle a lit more enjoyable?

      I'm still long! You should be picking on Val..he's the one that's short at $46 something :)

      Don't understand the logic behind owning the number 2 player in the industry and shorting the number 1!

      Have a good weekend.


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      • Maxi,

        How about this company and stock!

        You are objective and able to reason. More importantly recognize and admit when you make a mistake. We are cut from a similar piece of cloth.

        The cookiemonster is hopelessly mired in egomania and has a justification for everything he does good, bad or ugly.

        He admits to mistakes but always has a qualification. I have seen guys like him they never f*ck up and never learn anything. Stuck in a cycle of blaming the formula, not himself for using the wrong variables.


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