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  • max4172 max4172 Dec 9, 2003 5:22 PM Flag

    The Fed speaks

    The Committee continues to believe that an accommodative stance of monetary policy, coupled with robust underlying growth in productivity, is providing important ongoing support to economic activity," the Fed said in a statement.

    By Martin Wolk

    Dec. 9 � U.S. central bankers left short-term interest rates unchanged Tuesday at the lowest level in 45 years and reiterated their intention to keep rates low for a �considerable period� despite recent signs of strong economic growth.

    I'm sure I can think of a few folks that ain't to happy with that...Val?

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    • Hibbett's has always been a good little money maker. They cater solely to the "B" markets and most locations are smaller and located in strip malls.

      They have no interest in tackling the big boys in the big markets.

    • I don't know brain...that's a tough call...let's see who's smarter...Paul Allen or's a coin toss..:)

    • you're right Val most of what you say does not mean much to me. But thanks anyway.

    • Slus4u, you beat me to HIBB. I wanted to know what everyone's opinions were on this other SG company. Is there room for a 3rd?

    • You keep trying to make something of Paul Allen and the shares he sold. He currently holds 1,136,771 shares of DKS. He sold 924,000 (840,909 shares the day before the IPO and another 83,091 shares a couple of days after the IPO). Think maybe, just maybe, Paul Allen, being smarter, richer, and less of an ass than you, maybe he recognozed the VALue of the shares he held at the time, and saw some VALue in using the mo-mo-mo-freaking-mentum of the IPO to do something that every investor likes to do, like make some $$$$?

      DKS has been creeping up on the likes of TSA and other competitors for quite a few years. They have some mighty mo-mo-momentum that ain't BS, it's sound business. And you can't GUARANTEE anything about Paul Allen and why he does what he does. Holding over a million shares today, he has plenty of room to sell chunks at higher prices.

    • "In closing the point I made by posting your old post, is that DKS is not a POS as you called it back then, they are a successful SG retailer, that has made a lot of investors happy and a lot of shorts mad."

      -- You far. DKS has not been 'seasoned' yet. When the current growthie-BS mgmt team gets its head handed to them after the cycle turns (please don't even attmept to say there is no cycle), and a new team takes over will be the real test. It's happened countless times before, and will happen again. DKS is one of those 'rare ones' that shoots the lights out from the starting gates. I know this may not mean much to you, but I can GUARANTEE you that if Paul Allen knew that the growthie-BS mighty mo' momentum crowd would take over like it has, he would have kept more shares to sell at higher prices so Charter wouldn't have had to propose it's 'failed' debt-exchange. But that is for another board, at another time.....Good luck to all.....

    • Here is a link to compare both TSA & DKS .
      Very interesting graphs which show the entire picture over the years
      While market was going down stores like TSA slowly went upward.
      Last 12 months definitely DKS is way over TSA in growth.
      The graph tells the story.

      Another intyeresting graph is look at HIBB and DKS track since DKS went public

    • Believe me, if I take the time to research old posts, I also check the context. If you were to compare charts of DKS vs. TSA over the past 6 months, year, 3 months, DKS is outpacing them.

      I have done plenty of analysis and research in both companies, as stand alones and comparatively. I have worked/work with both companies.

      There is IMO no comparison.

      DKS has sat back and watched the likes of Garts/TSA fall over themselves. Thinking they have to compete against Wal-Mart. They bring there average retail prices DOWN in hopes of keeping there customers from going to Wal-Mart. DKS average pricepoint goes UP in the hopes of catering to the true sports enthusiast, that doesn't much consider Wal-Mart.

      Look at ROI, look at ROE. DKS clearly ahead in both categories.

      DKS has LOTS more room for growth. Plenty of untapped areas, that either TSA is not in or where they are weak. They can easily do the revenues of TSA with considerably less store fronts. Average dollars per square foot...very important.

      The old adage...where do we go from here. I would put my money (and have) on DKS. I will add more shares after they split...

      Bigger is not always better. Companies that have sat back and watched somebody else make the mistake, have done very well learning from them...

      I don't think we will get a 100% clear picture on TSA and the effects/synergies of the merger until mid 2004. Until then present comparisons will be tougher.

      In closing the point I made by posting your old post, is that DKS is not a POS as you called it back then, they are a successful SG retailer, that has made a lot of investors happy and a lot of shorts mad.

      And in comparing them over the course of time since your post, DKS has outpaced TSA percentage gains wise. Has less shares available to the public. Has seen an increase in institutional holdings over the last quarter (15%) (TSA has seen a decrease of 12%)

      At the end of the day, the investor that put the same amount of money into DKS as TSA on the day of that post, would have made more money in DKS. But, alas, I'm an idiot...

      Funny thing...if you went back or remembered my posts earlier on TSA boards, I said TSA was a buy when it was near $5.

      Have a good weekend...make sure you stop at DKS to buy those sporting goods presents for those on your list...:)

    • Max,

      Not only did I write that, but I stand behind, and reaffirm it! Why? If you check the context of the issue, it was TSA vs. DKS. I was exposed to TSA in a big way, and you were advocating DKS over TSA. Percentage-wise TSA performed slightly better from those days (it's mincing hairs, but TSA went from $12-ish to $43-ish, DKS $16-ish to $53-ish) & that's what those comments captured from the relative lows in February '03.

      With 20/20 hindisght one could have purchased either TSA or DKS and done mighty well, of that there is no denying. I just once again object to your slanted and biased view in posting something out of context. TSA is a much larger company that has gone through several cycles. DKS is still in the growthie-BS stage (and has the valuation numbers to prove it) and hasn't yet been tested. Time will tell.....Good luck to all.....

    • Re: A Word From Garts (max)
      by: valuemonster_jurel 02/20/03 01:35 pm
      Msg: 15150 of 16578

      You're an idiot. DKS is a POS that is acting very typically when 'new blood' comes along. Do you really believe Paul Allen (major shareholder of DKS) knows what he is doing?!?...Whatever dude......Good luck to all.....

      Note date of post.
      Note pps of DKS that time...low $20's.
      Note who idiot is.

      Swammi says "Val spend less time foaming at mouth, make more money playing "the game"

      How was that for VALue creation?

      Val, you came to a gun fight with a knife. You think I give a crap about recs and iggies? Nope...that's all fun and good. The important thing is making money. As long as we both do that using whatever methods we choose, then let Santa put some winners in our stockings for next year.


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