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  • max4172 max4172 Feb 9, 2004 11:38 AM Flag


    you'll love this one...taken from the WILSON board!

    Talleyhoo!! I'm in on this one.........
    by: valuemonster_jurel 12/04/03 01:19 pm
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    concerned that Mr. Hong Kong dumped a significant slug of his shares, but the valuation is compelling. Here we go on the downside after optimism was sky-high for this X-mas. IMHO Retailers are starting to act more 'typically.' Good luck to all.....

    Val bought in the $4.50 down to $2 and change...of course he'll claim he has made money being long while the stock has dropped 50% but what else would we expect?

    Man he sucks, no wonder he's always so pissy.

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    • Max,

      A safe bet - Valuemonster_Jurel (aka Herman Munster) on the wrong side of the profit investment equation.

      You are right I'd be a little pissy if I made as many wrong calls as he does.

      The thing that astonishes me is that either justifies it or blatantly says he isn't wrong.

      You tell me if it sounds a little like Bubba C. "I did not have sexual relations with that women, Monica Lewinsky".

      Bubba was spraying man chowder all over the Oval Office but this did not constitute sexual relations, in his mind.


      Ps Meanwhile the Street continues to love DKS

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      • oh yeah...nice surge again today...could see a test of the 52 week high here in the near future...TSA is down again today...

        Still waiting for Val to pull a walkets and tell us he has really been long all this time in DKS...if I was him I'd get a new handle and change my ways...somebody (the higher being?) is giving him what he deserves.

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