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  • valuemonster_jurel valuemonster_jurel Feb 24, 2004 2:22 PM Flag

    Another Nice & Predictable Move........

    Anyone with their head in the sand on this one deserves it big-time. Ostrich burger anyone? Good luck to all......

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    • Val you said just 3 days ago...

      "Anyone with their head in the sand on this one deserves it big-time. Ostrich burger anyone?"

      tell us how the crabs look from below the sand...well now we know who really deserves what...

    • That dark, warm, stinky spot is the only place he is King!

    • I'd rather have my head in the sand than where val has his.

    • What is wrong with you? You should seek help over your ostrich obsession. Too bad you don't have an extra 15g's from dick's stock -- you could seek the finest help.

    • Val, whats all this 'head in the sand' stuff you keep posting. You seem to indicate that people should be able to pick the top, all the time, and always get out before a 10% correction happens (dks is now down ~10% from the high). In what way was this drop predictable? How could you tell that this point would be the turning point?

      I dont see "buy and hold as long as the trend is up" approach as 'having one's head in the sand'...

      For example: I bought SSRI at 6.75 at the beginning of november. We have had 4 or 5 10% down DAYS, and three major corrections of 20-35% during that time. Did I have my head in the sand all of these times, for not forseeing the drops?

      And yet, I am up nearly 130% on the position, because I held through it all.....the trend has been up the whole time, without any lower lows/lower highs. I bought the company on fundamentals, and have held (and bought more on a pullback), on the technicals.

      If someone bought DKS a significant time ago, and has large gains, then their holding at this point makes perfect sense, until such time as the trend is down (i.e. there is alower low and lower high)....the trend remains positive right now.

      If you get in when something is undervalued, based on fundamentals, and it starts going up, it makes sense to let it run. You dont make very much by selling as soon as your undervalued asset reaches fair value....if you are in at a low cost, you can afford to let it run and get out higher when the bull trend reverses. I am not saying buy overvalued assets....just that if you buy something cheap, and it starts going up, you can ride the trend until it reverses and make greater profits. (Of course, you do have to sell when that cant buy into the hype and hold on)

      Similarly, you shouldnt ignore the fundamentals, since they help you to get in early, in an undervalued asset at a great price.

      Both technical and fundamental analysis have merit, and the best investors use them both. For example, i have quoted Russell recently on this board. He uses both fundamentals to determine if the market is undervalued or overvalued, and technical analysis (in the form of Dow Theory non-confirmations) to determine tops and bottoms.

      The "mighty mo momentum' investors help the value investors make money. When our undervalued assets start going up towards fair value, they pile in and drive it up higher. All you have to do is buy relatively near the bottom, and sell relatively near the top. If its a long, big move, calling the exact top and bottom are unnecessary. (Which also gives an advantage to long term investors over those who trade in and out short term)...the long term moves are much clearer.

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      • With respect, you can sum up your post with an important act.....'When to sell/exit.' Someone with a pre-existing sell limit order would have gotten out at $60 recently. This may or may not, mark the high point. Only the Higher Being knows for sure. But it did happen, and it was subtle. I have seen many such moves....

        Now a long is down a 'quick $5', while a non-longer is up a 'quick $5'. When to sell/when to cover are tough decisions when facing a bloated enterprise valuation, yet momentum is on the upside.........I think you are a little complacent with DKS, & the market has a wicked way of dealing with complacency. Wishing you well, but look out........JMO....Good luck to all......

      • Val has become one of the most hated posters Yahoo has ever seen. His obnoxious, condesending ways are typical of a Hillary (democrat)

        I actually saw him post on the TSA board a while back that those that wished to post on "his board" should fill out a questionaire to determine if they were qualified to post or not. You believe that crap. That is why I will never stop my battle with him until he one day climbs off his high horse and apologizes to all.

        He can't pick his nose let alone call something shortly before it happens...I have seen him claim demise for a company, while I watched it go from $70 to $90...when it pulled back to the mid $80's he claimed he was right and everybody that hadn't listened to him would get what they deserve.

        Well shit I can say TSA will go down, watch it go up for three months and then say I told you so the first time it corrects. What kind of sense does he make? None. I can't count how many times Val has made money "after the fact"

        He is prick, that has his own agenda. Ask him for some sort of reasoning for most of his comments and he can't do it. He claims his VALue method of buying/selling is the only way to go, yet he has bought shares in companies that even he says are short termers going against his usual MO. He talks out of both sides of his mouth as well as his ass. That's why I believe he would be a perfect running mate for Hillary...

        He comes here and is happy DKS is pulling back...afterall he went short at $46 and has a long way to go before seeing green on that one...Yet he owns TSA, which isn;t even in or near DKS league...

        I heard a great line regarding TSA from an ex TSA'er, and it actually holds true for Val also.

        The only thing that supercedes their ineptitude is their arrogance.

        Val is a douche bag, plain and simple.

    • Val,

      Another not nice and predictable post.


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