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  • dicksmatrix dicksmatrix Sep 1, 2004 6:16 PM Flag

    Kobe Charges Dismissed


    I guess your airtight evidence and account of the rape didn't hold up in court. Now is the time the libel suits will be analyzed, considered and filed. I'm sure the comments you made right here on the DKS public message board about Mr & Mrs. Bryant will move your case right to the top of the pile.

    But I'm sure you still stand by your original comments - what were they again?


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    • the only one being played like a fiddle Val is you...
      DKS mere % points from all time highs...your boys on Channel 2? Oh just about 50% of their highs...

      I'm just proud of you that you can actually muster enough nuts to post here...when you have been dead wrong about this stock for over a year..

      One day DKS will experience a bigger than anticipated pullback...all stocks do, but by that time your "I told you so's" will be meaningless, as by that time most longs will be so profitable that a pullback won't be painful...

      Keep trying to pick the top though, it has been quite amusing watching you completely miss the board with those darts...


    • don't forget I'm a felon too...

    • I stand by what I wrote B-4. If you read Kobe's statement he's guilty as sin. Read it and be informed. The civil trial will bring it all out.

      Not surprising to me to see you defend such ilk. This case shows that money talks, & the guilty walk. He'll pay threw the nose, however.

      BTW, DKS getting to that luscious level again.....Good luck to all, except......

      • 3 Replies to valuemonster_jurel
      • val have you even checked to see the "value" of the civil suit? She never had a case, Kobe did not rape her. She is sort of like you, an attenion starved individual. She saw an opportunity and tried to take advantage of it. This will hurt her civil suit in a big way.

        Not surprising to me that you have drawn conclusions with no facts...sort of like your investment decisions...

        Be sure to let us know your short entry and when you decide to cover...or will you continue your 50/50 games? As far as we know from your posts your still short at $23...

        Nice call.

      • Val,

        Oh, I don't think it will split again for some time. Probably April 2005!

        Only in your little dark warped mind does consentual sex constitute forcible rape!
        Take your head out of the sand and read the press release.

        What evidence do you have to justify your outragous claims. Do you have some video or did you just stay at a Holiday Inn?


        Ps Since when doesn't money buy justice in the US of A! You gotta be trailer park trash with a modem hook-up based on some of your financial picks.

      • She's still a money grubbing little whore who has an ego to feed. She's a pathetic example for any young woman. And I'm not excusing him either. They were both WRONG in their actions.

    • I'm glad to see the charges dismissed, I thought he was innocent from near the beginning (well, at least, not guilty of rape).

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