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  • valuemonster_jurel valuemonster_jurel Nov 5, 2004 3:24 PM Flag

    Vive le momentum! Enjoy it while it's..

    here DKS holders. Good luck to all......

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    • It is so unfortunate we got off on the wrong foot Val. I would have never attacked you or your opinions had you not insulted everybody that was long DKS at the time you first posted here. We listened to you tell every one of us that we were dumb and stupid and mindless and that DKS was not a good play. Yet those of us that stood our ground have done extremely well here.

      Then, you put people on iggie that did not agree with you, and still continue to post about them.

      Once and for all I am only one poster, you put Max4172 on iggie and you hear nothing at all from me. But had maybe you listened just a little bit, instead of degrading us, maybe you could have enjoyed some of the profits in DKS as we have.

      But at the end of the day instead of saying things like, Hey guys good luck with your DKS shares, I personally think TSA is the better play and here is instead decided to act like you were "Bruce Almighty" and it's Val's way or the highway. Maybe you have learned a little something here, like humility and that sometimes the other team wins.

      Either way if you should ever decide to change your ways and have a discussion on SG retailing and not put down others for making there own decisions, whether right or wrong, I for one am all ears.


    • Maci was made for the Iggie button. Unfortunately he has a couple (if not more) alter-egos that one has to deal with. Fortunately that's when the Iggie button also comes in handy! Continued luck & Good luck to all......

    • shit, it's been here for 2 years. We have enjoyed it, and you obviously have not.

    • And you too could be clicking your heels today had you only listened to Max 2 years ago!

      Instead you growl at the echo of your own words.

      C'est la Vie.


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      • Dick,

        It is an opportunity cost, but I have been around so many "DKSs" that I remain unconcerned. The greedy stage has kicked in, and many who should exit will not (or can't). Honestly the worst thing (on a societal basis) is that DKS happens to continue upward. It's so true the market overshoots both on the upside and downside! Management has shown the way, exiting at lower levels, so continue 'playing' at your peril. Everything appears fine as long as the arrow heads up, but when that arrow changes, and change it will, it will not be pretty. You would call it the difference between growth/momentum investing and VALue investing.

        #2 -- Listen to maci?!? Not on your life. I'd be bankrupt (100% on the moral side), and just passing time waiting for the real court appointed Chapter 7, 11, or 13 as the case may be.

        Patience, young grasshopper. One needs a large dallop of patience (+ mucho $$$) when playing this 'game.' All JMO.....Good luck to all........

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