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  • mlevine44 mlevine44 Dec 14, 2012 12:23 AM Flag

    What Am I Missing?

    Note that the price dropped at the open by the full amount of the dividend. So, unless you bought the shares in a Roth IRA, you were immediately down by your tax rate x the div. (not a big deal, one way or the other).

    Buying the day before the ex div date is too late, if you want to play a dividend effect. You need to buy 2-4 weeks in advance of the ex div date. But, DKS is the wrong kind of stock for thie technique to work.

    You buy a stock like DKS for its growth prospects, which are very good. DKS is still expanding at a rapid rate. In a strong economy and a strong stock market, DKS will do very well.

    In the current market, DKS is vulnerable. The stock has performed very well and many shareholders have big profits to protect from government expropriation going forward. The new capital gains tax rate punished investment in stocks, and especially risky growth stocks with limited dividend support (one-time special dividends do not provide such support).

    Only an investor with the Liberal brain disease could fail to see the damage that taxing capital formation does to an economy. Countries like Singapore do not tax capital gains. The tax rate is ZERO! Their growth rate has been running near 10 percent. Do you think that there might be a relationship between those tax and growth rates?

    Remember that connection at the next election.

    I would accumulate DKS, but wait until all the tax selling ends. The whole market is vulnerable so long as we are governed by liars, fools and weaklings who can't explain that we are headed toward bankruptcy.

    The "fiscal cliff" is small potatoes compared to the unfunded liabilities for Social Security, and especially, Medicare. Let Obama have his tax increase, on everybody! Use it for a teaching moment. We're probably headed for a recession anyway.


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