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  • joshhyunc joshhyunc Jan 9, 2013 5:16 PM Flag

    rbt - I like you buddy! But I cannot read your messages anymore. I am not that smart!

    It is hard enough trying to understand what I read ... it is too hard to read your messages, period.

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    • LOL, funny, needed a chuckle.

    • too many posts by rbt. Unfortunately, they all deserved to be thrown in the waste basket for its "uneducated wild guess of Chinese banking & business plus the bad writings". It is a torture to read them. Any person with experience running US companies and dealing with Chinese banks in China would not believe a single word of what rbt said.

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      • Well I have proved my point about leading in China
        Robert knows nothing
        Bank loans are not increasing
        None bank loans are up 75%
        So how smart where you westonbayer,It was not an uneducated guess was it?
        And even local governments are having to go to none banks
        And how long ago did I give this to this site?

      • proof of less lending at banks
        ew figures reveal bank loans now accounts for just 52% of the economy’s total fund raising — a record low. In fact, trust loans surged 679% in December alone to 264 billion yuan from a year earlier, according to new bank data last week.

        China’s banks are believed to have extended 8.3 trillion yuan in local currency loans last year and its central bank has a target of 8.5 trillion yuan this year, according to reports. But this misses the real funding picture. Bank lending is becoming much less important after an explosion in trust loans and corporate bond issuance in the past year.

        Helpfully, China has now coined a new term to measure these emerging funding channels “Total Social Financing” (TSF). This measures total fund raising in the economy, including not just bank lending, but trust loans and bonds, which were up 23% last year.

        This means in retrospect, for much of last year, the market was tracking the wrong indicators.

        If we rewind to early in 2012, mainland authorities were criticized for not more aggressively loosening policy, despite signs the economy was lumbering further into a slowdown.

        One theory was China’s banks were facing supply constraints as deposit growth slowed and bank loans to provincial governments were rolled over, rather than repaid.

        Many analysts argued a slowdown in bank lending was unavoidable after earlier lending sprees.

        And while bank lending started strong in 2012, it continued to decline.

        After April saw bank lending peak at 1 trillion yuan, monthly lending continued to fall, ending the year at roughly half that in November and December.

      • I have listed one lph
        on forbes 200 list of best small cap in the world
        Their accounting was a huge fraud and promoted by red chip in the fraud
        What was red chip answer
        Used their accounting and we no longer trust any chines accounting

      • There is how many none national gas companies in China?
        lets see you list a couple that have gotten low interest loans in the last year
        Hears your chance to prove me wrong ,and none can include management putting up their own assets.
        Did you go look on the internet and look at Chinese banking
        You would soon see the problems they are having
        What Us companies are lending to companies like chng?
        What US companies are lending to small companies in China?
        I personally have talked to an accountant who holds classes for Chinese auditors
        What Us companies are dealing with Chinese banks
        You say you know so much ,prove it
        You are saying China is not having trouble with accounting in China
        Where have you been

      • for the law suit
        Appears it will not be settled soon
        investors have to june 19 to be added to suit
        So you can still ad your name
        I personally will not
        bad choice but i do not agree with suit

    • From what I have said the ability to borrow at cheap rates is the most important thing
      And I have been the only one to bring up
      So putting up with my 3rd grade writing might be worth it

    • next
      To understand China
      It was the wild west
      Locals just did ever thing they could
      build a steel plant even if it was not profitable
      ever local area had one ,too much real state investment etc.
      Well that lead to inflation
      So would you cut off funds to your national companies or locals?
      Well thats where we are

    • sorry
      To me its just simple to me and do not take enough time to explain
      I will try again
      1st There are national and local banks
      Nationals banks deal with national companies
      They can go to their fed and get unlimited cheap money
      A large national oil and gas company like ceo can get unlimited money at 5%
      Why ?
      These companies are buying oil fields etc on the world market
      China wants more oil and gas
      Well support these companies
      Well if you want these companies to succeed you would like them to also due oil and gas inside the country.So you would also lend them money at 5%
      China does not always believe in capitalism
      It has too many oil and gas companies
      Let the nationals take over chng for pennies.makes these companies stronger
      That makes these companies stronger to compete against exon
      5 years ago it wanted chng to do good,it had locals government and banks lend money to chng at 5%
      Well the local banks and governments are not doing well
      They have no money to lend and they can not go to the fed
      they and chng can only go to investors for money
      China does not have a history of lending like this
      No accounting in China is trusted by any one
      Most small businesses in China are formed by borrowing from families
      Sgas is an example
      Management put up their houses for loans
      They have borrowed all possible,and now they have to go to the market
      And so rates are a lot higher
      I assume but do not now about chng management net worth is
      If you can not borrow at a cheap rate than investments are not profitable ,period
      So its to be seen what the national government will do about 100s of local companies that can not get cheap money
      Will they just support nationals and most locals will not do well but the nationals will do great
      That is in the interest of China to make nationals stronger
      Who knows what they are going to do.
      The central government and their relatives
      Thats how government officials get rich
      We have a new government
      Which relative will have the information
      What policies will they do
      They have huge plans
      Will it be locals or only nationals that do the work
      In the past if you has billions you could get this information from relatives.They ran mutual funds and you invested in those
      Is this better

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      • If you new who was going to get cheap loans on projects that chng has plans for could you not buy these stocks
        Well who is going to get cheap loans for these?
        Not me
        Chng needs 500 million dollars for these plans
        And management does not have the money to buy the company much less this 500 million dollars
        And we hate the ex president who had connection to the government
        How smart is this?
        When investing you have to look at the whole picture

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