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  • lemew Aug 15, 2013 5:37 PM Flag

    the price of natural gas in America

    Blomberg market quote is $3.43 per 1000 cu ft. In 1000 cu ft, there are 28.3 cu meter. So... the market value of natural gas in America is $0;12 per cu meter. CHNG paid wholesale cost of between $0.24 - $0.27 per cu meter. The PRC wholesale cost, in 1000 cu ft (equivalence) is roughly $7.36 or a little more than double the American current market price. By the way, in America that $3.43 wholesale cost to the Utility is sold to residential pipeline customers at $11.00 or a markup (over cost) of 220%. (It's the efficiency of our market place) Just imagine for a gold-diggers second when CHNG attains that efficiency (of the bloated u.s. market place) A margin of 220% for CHNG would be quite easy to compute. ( on LNG 24% on GNG 85%)

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