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  • lemew Aug 22, 2013 10:21 AM Flag

    "Any person with a brain would know that the presidents loan was not a large cause of chng problem and rule accordingly"

    It's strange, but I can clearly remember you arguing in favor of the then famous waldo fraud assertions about the so-called "Trixie loans". So... now it anyone with a brain eh? My you seem to have changed. I call your attention to Sarbanes Oxley an American Law signed by the heroic international war criminal George Bush, which requires losses from false financial statements (heard of fraud?) to Americvan shareholders to be covered personally by the undersigning CEO and Chairman. That puts the Mr. Ji and his 4 million shares right in the gun-sights of any attorney worth his salt in the USA? Possibly another reason for the long drawn out dodge by the shift-peddlars from Xi'an Province with their boy fast-times Don Yang of the Hong Kong klan of communists?
    Interesting, eh rbt?

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    • I invested in chng
      Locals all over China where investing and growing by huge amount with cheap loans
      Well the national government cut these loans off because there where a lot of investment in unprofitable companies and investments
      Natural gas prices went up huge
      I made a bad investment
      I do not blame the company and every else
      I made a bad investment
      I take personal responsibility
      I wanted chng to take these loans and go out for huge growth

    • After legal fees what will 4 million shares give US investors,little
      1st law suit would give those investors more than rest
      2nd gives US investors nothing
      Nether has more rights than the loan except in warrants
      The loan is a Chinese loan from a Chinese company to a Chinese company and the US has zero power on it

    • You bring up mr. j being responsible
      so that does not effect the law suit as it is not against mr j.mainly
      In order for the 1st law suit to be successful,they must prove that chng stock fall was because loan
      what does the people suing have going for them
      They locked up their shares
      this is for understanding.
      They bought at $6
      When they brought up law suit $4
      So if law suit wins they get $6
      Does not matter that it fell more from other things later
      Would be great if court found mr. j responsible and not chng
      So has the court locked up mr j shares?
      Lets say it has I assume they could get them and hold him as far as them,good luck in getting more
      As far as Waldo
      I bet against him and owned the stock
      Waldo was right about fraud at a lot of companies,he in my opinion was wrong on chng in most things brought up..He got the direction of chng right and a lot of US listed right and fraud in a lot of these companies..He did a lot of this with on ground good research
      There where many US companies helping in this fraud.If in no other than not doing on the ground checking
      I do not agree with you at all
      Chng was and is run well besides the one loan