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  • jonthorzine jonthorzine Aug 25, 2006 10:46 PM Flag

    Just the facts

    1) Lawsuits everywhere- See Filings at SEC
    2) Questionable ownership of both exhibits
    3) Settled with William Morris lawsuit
    4) Letter to the public about ownership
    of Bodies... They are ours because we say they
    are and they were acquired appropriately because
    we said we did.
    Read it yourself

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    • Why does this company continue to have so much controversy? Is it the subject matter or is it that the stock is overhyped and thus a target for shorts?

      I like to think the ethical challenges around acquisition of rights to the exhibits remains an unanswred question -

      Did the NY Times do a follow up? What about 20/20 or 60 Minutes?

    • Aol,

      Bloggers confirm a very busy weekend. A couple also confirm A LINE TO GET IN. Do they lie on their blogs to contradict your postings ? Come on dude. Get real !!!!!

      You don't seem to get it. Seattle is but 1 exhibit of 13 in place as of 11/25. Seattle doesn't need to go great guns to make money. In fact, by my calcs, I'd estimate roughly 125,000 visitors are needed (@$18pp) to break even for all concerned. If attendance were that bad I'm sure the exhibit would be pulled and moved accordingly. My guess is Seattle will see much more than 125,000. Will it see 400,000. I dunno .... frankly, I don't expect that. I'd only be concerned if 300,000 wasn't going to be achieved. Would I like 400K ? Yup ..... But my projections are based on lower numbers and if they beat those numbers .... fine by me.

      Tomorrow ..... graduation day =)
      Size buyers circling again ......... large bids so far today.

      Amigo Mike

    • Aolmks,

      Dude, you are a dope. I agree with others, get lost. You have no clue what you speak of. The Seattle exhibit is doing fine for a winter show in a cold weather climate. And Miami is absolutely blowing it out. NYC is now 70 / 30 in their favor and LV is going well too. Two more sets of bodies coming based on strong demand, as per CC. Now all we need is some color on NYC Titanic and 3rd exhibition and this stock will get some real sell side coverage and be heading to double digi's...

      Again, you are PATHETIC. Get a real job and leave the investing to the pros. B/c its clear you aint got what it takes.

    • Who has confirmed lines outside? I've never seen a line outside--swung by on Sunday around 2:30pm. The three day weekend has seen an increase in attendance, quite respectible considering the rainstorm that has washed out roads, but no lines outside.

    • Seems the bloggers is Seattle think the exhibit has been very busy this weekend.

      Just one account. Others confirm lines outside to get in.

      Amigo Mike

    • I love the part where you say "I am observing the attendance in Seattle" like you're stalking the attendance...are you sure you didn't mean "attendants?" You sound like a real turd if your life involves sitting around for a large amount of time taking head counts of people going into the exhibit. You should get a savings account maybe. Oh, that's right, you've got a lot of "cred" on "various gambling business boards" whatever that means in la la land.

      You whine and moan like you know how this exhibit should be run. Have you ramped up from no shows to multiple at premier destinations in less than a year? That's where "street cred(a term no one uses anymore old man)" comes in...Premiere have done it with Titanic. They've earned LOADS of credibility with Titanic and for you, a casual attendance stalker, to berate the company for their legitimacy? Get lost.

      I'll tell you what, short the hell out of the stock and we'll see who does

    • Your comments become more outrageous as we go along.

      You know the attendance ?? Do you work for PRXI or JAM ??? Otherwise don't bother telling me you know the attendance. I have to chuckle. "I do know the attendance" .... LOLOLOLOL

      Your own key word ..... "SAMPLE" and if I recall correctly at the worst expected times. Fact is, you know nothing. So tell us, what was the attendance this weekend .... Saturday and Sunday ??? I'll have it verified.

      To answer your questions, not been to Seattle, no desire to go there. Someone from PREMIER EXHIBITIONS has been to Seattle, GUARANTEED. Of course they visited the site. Did they observe it in November ..... I assume that reference is to whether or not they went there a year ago and observed. I doubt it.

      No interest in searching your handle. Couldn't care less.

      Again, you have no basis to comment on who erred on paperwork in Greece. LOL ..... how much were those fines again ????

      Amigo Mike

    • "But it is your opinion and unfortunately you don't know the attendance and don't carry any "street cred" either."

      I do know the attendence. I am observing the attendence in Seattle. I post the attendence as I sample it. I live in Seattle. Have you ever been to Seattle? Has anyone from Premiere exhibits ever been to Seattle? Did they visit the exhibit site at all? Did they observe it in a November?

      As for "street cred", do a search of my handle on various gambling business boards.

      Premiere had their Titanic exhibit stuck in Greece because they didn't have paperwork done. They were paying fines in Florida because they didn't have paperwork done.

    • I guess you don't get it. I answered each of your points directly and did not attack you. I said your sleuthing is lacking.

      As far as PR, don't you think PRXI's PR people had a hand in some of these news articles ? You act as if PRXI has some control over the press. I think the company is pleased to have ANY news coverage, regardless of whether or not they are negative in tone. In their mind it simply causes the pot to be stirred further.

      Are the silly UFO nutcases in Seattle any different than the Florida Anatomical Board ??? Wasn't the press just as negative in Florida ??? Did not the Anatomical Board petition the AG in Florida to shut down the exhibit ... and the AG promptly stepped away from the issue ??? Was not the August NY Times article in August incredibly negative and filled mostly with falsehoods ????

      This is a controverial exhibit because people make it so. The controversy keeps the exhibit in the headlines. Stirs curiosity.

      Your post I replied to did not mention attendance. You say attendance is "bad". That's fine. Valuable piece of information. But it is your opinion and unfortunately you don't know the attendance and don't carry any "street cred" either.

      In any event, I have no misguided visions that each exhibit is going to set attendance records. Some will do more, some will do less. It is a numbers game. I also don't like Seattle for the winter or the location. But those aren't up to me. There are a number of items that I disagree with management on .... and those are well documented. I even would prefer that PRXI gradually replace the cadavers over time with new specimens that have provided documented consent since that seems to be the largest issue. A number of issued would be off the table.

      What I do know, is PRXI is guaranteed $500K in revenue in the current qtr for this exhibit. I did not and still do not anticipate any additional contribution from Seattle in the current qtr.

      Management has been working to refine the model and eliminate the some of the slop (ie JAM). Going forward, Management will have no further excuses for not meeting expectations.

      Amigo Mike

    • Mendacity- that's what I hate. I googled this story and can't find any update on the issue of Chinese HR issues with the procurement of the bodies.

      Any update??

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