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  • matthewblaine57 matthewblaine57 Dec 26, 2011 2:40 PM Flag

    Lots of bids before the auction!

    Where I live in the greenwhich/new york area, there is a lot of buzz about this already.

    Lots of wealthy people out here want to either buy this outright or form groups to do so. Based on the conversations I've heard this weekend this company will probably get $300 to $400 million which would put the shares well over the $6 to $8 dollar range.

    I wish the company would give more info. Can people buy the artifacts before the april 15th anniversary and auction? I know a few people who would rather already own the artifact collection ahead of time so that they could announce the opening of a new titanic wing in their name at a certain museum on the 15th with all the Titanic Anniversary fanfare.

    Once the publicity kicks in after January 1st this is going to get crazy, i really hope that the company makes the bids public so that we can watch this unfold!

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    • sandycoffsky Dec 28, 2011 8:05 AM Flag

      We have been with mark sellers since his Morningstar days and I dont think he is being untruthful. With the non titanic portion worth maybe .50 to 1.0$ per share and the titanic stuff maybe upwards of 4$ per share why would present stock holders bail out in these largevnumcer of shares unless they don,t trust the estimate or know something the rest of us don't. My shares are tied up in sellers capital so I could not sell now anyway but this bothers me.

    • How many Hedge Fund pumpers are posting here?

    • Its funny. This stock has been dead for SO long...i think it will end up shocking people what the % return will be from this price in 60-120 days. Its insane actually. I think its probably 80% WORST case and could easily be 200%! amazing. stay tuned! what a bargain it is now with this cat out of the bag and obviously more to come.

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