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  • cdaggett11 cdaggett11 Feb 15, 2012 10:46 PM Flag

    Guesses on buyer and price?

    Anyone want to speculate the buyer and price they pay for the artifacts? I will mail 2 free movie tickets to whoever gets it right with the tiebreaker going to closest on sale price. Going over is OK. Of course, the tickets need to be used to go see Titanic 3-D when it gets released!

    I will kick it off:

    Steve Wynn - $295,500,000

    Titanic the Hotel to be announced shortly after purchase. :-)

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    • I have no idea but Im hoping for the best.

      I do think those that think $5 a share is a slamdunk might be unrealistic.

      We dont know what they will fetch net, after auction fees & commissions & expenses and we dont know how much INCOME TAX they will owe.

      I dare say that if even $4 was a slam dunk, we wouldt be trading for $2.50.

      I would love to see $6 or $7 or more.

      But wishing wont make it so.

      And remember, you need 2 serious QUALIFIED bidders or you dont really have an auction.

      Being very familiar with auto auctions years ago, I know that many cars never drew ANY bids, just the auctioneer fishing for high bids.

      Now, he would fish for high bids in the repo lanes too but would quickly come down to reality and accept a low bid and then you would have all kind of opportunistic bidders raising their hands.

      The fear here is there is only going to be 3-4 qualfied bidders and without 2 that are serious, its nothing more than a craigslist ad trying to sell something at way above its value.

      I think the legal restrictions also devalues the collection by a good bit.

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      • There are people out there who pay $80 million for a single painting by Van Gough, so $180 for ALL the artifacts from the Titanic on the 100th anniversary of it's sinking is not out of the quesiton. There are huge ego's among the super rich and some successful hedge fund managers can make $100 million in a single year. By the way, the asking auction price of an old ticket--just a single ticket stub from the launching of the Titanic is going for $50,000 to $75,000. I say the sale happens for somewhere in the $180 million range. which should double the price of the current stock. Good luck to all.

      • Smaycs is an idiot don't know why you would listen to him

    • manage your expectations guys. if this is to be such a lucrative auction, then why aren't they with sotheby's or christie's instead some 'b' team auction house. i think that is an important tell in terms of the potential value the collection will fetch via auction.

    • A super rich philanthropist who will donate the artifacts to a museum so it can be displayed to the public for generations to come. The wing in the museum or the entire museum will be named after the donor. I say the price is around $250 million.

    • I can't guess the price, but I'm going to say the buyer will be either one or more hedge fund guys, or a Russian billionaire.

    • That would probably be more than half of his liquid assets...

      4 Random Old Money Families 160 million

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      • I dont think any of you grasp just how many super rich people are out there with insane amounts of $ rotting, and they have ego's bigger than their bank accounts. This is an unbelieveably unique cache of assets that is beyond world famous. Nuff said. I say $225-275 million, from someone who is super rich. There are 20 names one could easily come up with.

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