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  • smaycs4 smaycs4 May 23, 2012 5:21 PM Flag

    Total BS

    Yeah, nothing great or unexpected happened.

    I dont see any evidence its going to tank tommorow.

    Some posters apparently think long term means 3 weeks !


    Ive owned PRXI for 4 years now. (5/21/09)

    I knew what I was looking at when I bought it. I figured it had MORE upside and it did but it got diluted by Sellers giving himself a sweetheart deal to buy more shares at low prices. Company did NOT need as much cash as was raised and the fair way would have been to have a rights offering with Sellers backstopping it.

    Thats why I never bought more. Sellers is crooked in my view.

    Lets just hope he doesnt take a few million under the table to sell to a low bidder.

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    • Robert Monski---CONVICTED STOCK MANIPULATOR (smaycs4)---brilliant analysis..YEAH..the guy who owns 21,700,000 shares of the stock...who wants to get EVERY cent out of going to take a bribe to sell it for LESS, when EVERY penny in value he extracts out of the stock is $217,000 MORE for him?!?!?!?? Are you irretreviably stupid or just the criminal everyone knows u are? This is a new low in stupidity for you. Congrats.

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