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  • jazzyjik jazzyjik May 24, 2012 12:00 PM Flag

    Negative Posts Don't Scare Anyone

    It is quite obvious the negative posts here are meant to try to scare people into selling stock.

    Such is not working. While the run-up in price to $3.75 was irrational and accomplished by "pump and dump" schemers this negative posting campaign is orchestrated by shorts.

    If they were NOT short, they would not keep posting the same negative stuff over and over again.

    Congrats to the people that shorted at $3.75, if they are trying to short now, good luck to you!


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    • dO you REALLY think there is a smear campaign ?

      God, you really are snot nosed. But I guess it explains why you have a half dozen monikers.

      Gotta fight off all these billion dollar hedge funds colluding to short little ole prxi !


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      • See, you couldn't just keep your negative opinion to yourself. You have to keep ranting and insulting people. If you don't like the stock good for you. I am not trying to promote the stock.

        You continue to hurl stupid unsubstantiated comments to promote your agenda.

        I look forward to seeing you sink like the Titanic unfortunately, your remains are worthless and would not even be worthy of an appraisal.

      • fyi, jazzyjik isnt me posting. Thats funny. ha. I have you confused, do I Robert? How fun. But its not hard to confuse you since you are a tax code expert (self proclaimed) besides being a stock manipulator. Funny combo isnt it? lol

    • Agreed. Doesnt mean the ultimate value wont be over $3.75, but that run up and run back down was very volatile and bizarre. Everyone forgets that the stock is right now within a few cents of where it was at March 1st or so. The assets are worth what they are worth. Those who arent stupid fools who are short, recognize that this stuff takes time to sell and there are a bunch of steps that have to be taken before they can announce something. If this was some normal situation and normal assets then yeah, it would be slightly odd. But these are world famous, unique assets that will probably only be sold one time in History. There is SOOOO much potential for the IP, and the salvor in possession rights are interesting for a lot of reasons, I certainly can think of a few people who would LOVE to own them. Anyone with a brain who doesnt have a ridiculous nefarious agenda here, knows that.

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