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  • prxiobserver prxiobserver Dec 19, 2012 8:19 PM Flag

    smaycs4-- question for you...

    Smaycs4-- i have two questions out of curiosity. I have watched this board for a long time. I think much of the stuff on here is silliness and makes me chuckle. I will just say I own more than you claim to, and a lot less than this person you seem to have ruffled your feathers over (I also just for the first time read his 13-d filing). I just went through and quickly read like 15 of his posts and about the same amount of yours. Some of them had me laughing out loud from both sides, honestly. You are amusing, even more than he is. So here is where I am confused, maybe you can help me, in all seriousness.

    1) Are you actually short the stock? Because that person, besides having name calling with you, which is meaningless, seems to just have pointed out certain positive things about the value here, which in basic terms, you agree with on the surface, but yet say negative things about a company you own shares in, more often than not?

    2) You claim you want to "sue" this person? For.........? what? what am i missing. Again..are you NOT this Robert Monski person? Because if you ARENT, then i can kinda sorta maybe understand your anger at what he said..... (i could care less whether you are, or not, actually, I have no idea who that is except from the numerous posts on here) So you dont like this guy, and he doesnt like you, it seems? So what? I promise you this much..there are many people I do not like on this planet, who have probably said stupid things about me, and vice versa. But I dont "sue" them, lol. So...instead of people on here talking about the company, we all have to witness this ridiculous contest between you and this other person, whoever it is. I mean..really..who cares? You own shares, he owns shares, I own shares. Lets just all make $, and get over the ridiculousness, no? Again...if you ARE not this Monski person than I can TOTALLY understand you being annoyed at some of what he has said, as it is clogging up this message board. But beyond that...I dont understand why you care so much, or why he does?? Its kind of silly and amusing. Lets just hold our shares and watch them finish this off. right? Best of luck to all longs, and happy holidays to all who actually read this stuff, whether Mr. Monski or whoever you are. Go PRXI.

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