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  • smaycs4 smaycs4 Jan 16, 2013 7:45 PM Flag

    Where are all the pumpers now ?

    Didnt they say it was a no brainer to go to $5 by now ?

    Might be time for them to make up more monikers & get back to pumping.

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    • Hey, you are a liar like Lance Armstrong......You own no stock in PRXL because you live in a trailor and are in debt up to your #$%$.

    • You are hilarious, seriously. I find it amusing. You are long the stock. You have stated how brilliant you are many tiimes on here because you bought it so cheap. Yet you say nasty things constantly, and like the rest of the lunatics on here who prey on people who are un-knowledgeable, everytime the stock drops to the lower part of its boring 50 cent range it has had for 6 say negative things about a stock you are long. Is that the sign of mental illness? or? I am just curious. They clearly stated on the conference call they are still working on what is clearly a complicated transaction. Disclosure rules mean if they WERENT working on it, they would have had to have said that. Period. It isnt rocket science. People with patience and brains can choose to stick around. Others can sell. Do whichever you want, but stop the lame attacks on your own stock. Grow up. Nobody is pumping this stock. its an investment. People can decide what to do with it. If they base their opinions of this sales process or the company on what you say or what I say, or what any other idiot on here says, then they shouldnt have any $ to invest with, they should have their $ confiscated. lol.

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