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  • jamesbard1234 jamesbard1234 Apr 28, 2013 1:50 PM Flag

    Patience wins the race, every time.

    Greetings, impatient one. Instead of stirring up things that dont need to be, use common sense. Everyone here wants a good outcome. Things take time sometimes. Sometimes the best rewards in life come from the most patient people. Its clearly a complicated transaction with many aspects to it. The assets are beyond famous. The Board, (use common sense) wants this done MORE than you do. Let them and the company complete the thing. The upside is large enough to be patient. It sounds like u have owned it a while. Others havent and the story is fresh and interesting, dont forget that. So lets all just chill out, see what they say and do, and go from there. Further, I think when you have assets like this, the best thing in the world is that what you are investing in is literally backed by assets worth more than the market cap of the company, especially in this case as there are two separate pieces, the Titanic assets AND the operating business. So whether the stock is at $2.69 or 2.49 or $2.29 or $2.89, that does NOT CHANGE, period. That makes me sleep a lot better at night and allows for the Board/company to do their thing and get this done as fast as they can. There are different ways to skin a cat, and just my two cents that its better to just chill out and let them take us to the finish line, even if its it a little "annoying" to wait a bit longer. My bank pays me about 0.1% interest right now. The upside here is a bit more than that =-)

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    • Ive been patient since 5/21/09.

      At what point do we wake up & wonder if mgmt & the board has the first clue what they are doing ?

      None own any shares to speak of except the closed down hedge fund. He doesnt need or care about the money, he is playing "eatery kingpin".

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      • Let me understand this. You have been patient with your 7000 shares? SELL THEM if you dont like it. Yeah. u are right. he doesnt care about the 21,720,000 shares he and his investors own, thats meaningless compared to your massive holdings i guess. brilliant statement. secondly, a former Board member who is very well respected that you are too oblivious to have noticed, owns over 2,000,000 shares as well. thats 50% of the stock right there. And why dont you save these comments for the end of the month after they give us an update on things, as you may know they have to have a public announcement of some sort before the month ends.

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