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  • m_siverson m_siverson Mar 29, 2007 12:16 AM Flag


    - 6-8 new stores opening this year
    - 15.1% sales increase last year
    - 0 debt
    - low p/e especially compared to its competitors like Dick's
    - now moving into our 4th state, Utau.

    I am a die hard sports fan and I love to play them. Sports Chalet is easily the best sporting goods store I have ever been in. I was in a big 5 sporting store and they did not have what I was looking for, they sent me to Sports Chalet and I never looked back. I love the caompany as much as I love my 20% gain on the stock in the past 4 months.

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    • I have owned this stock for 7+ years and patience has paid off. I too fell in love with SPCH when my son was in sports and I needed a one stop shop for high quality merchandise. SPCH is without peer here on the West Coast.

      For years it seemed like nothing much would happen (stock wise)for months and months and then it would suddenly spurt up. Lately however, there seems to be a happy imbalance of supply and demand where demand is steadily pushing the stock higher. Eventually, SPCH will merge (most likely with Dick's) and the champaign will really begin flowing. Have you noticed the National advertising Dick's is doing right now? Very wasteful without a West Coast presence.

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      • Yeah I am out in Arizona and the only real sporting stores where you can get everything in one trip is spch. Dicks does need a west coast presence you are right. If I headnt heard chatter on the stock I would not even know Dicks at all. Spch also trades at a low p/e than dicks and In my opinion has WAY more growth. The 2 analysts are going to have to raise target price on it too cuz they have a $10.00 and $11.00 price tag on it for the end of this year. The $11.00 is getting blown out(probably tommorow)and the $10.00 rating is way off.