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  • beenburntonce beenburntonce Apr 3, 2006 1:05 PM Flag

    CHABSENTIA and larry mo

    are such losers. Do some valuation work and stop praying for a recovery.

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    • Relax chump. It is not the end of the world.

    • I only see two real losers on this Board and that is seaya and his other idenity been.....I just put them on "Ignore".

      I have a short term porfolio and a long term portfolio. Either one of them has more money then the above makes at BK in a year.

      You are correct about the Market and RFID. I bought UNA at 26 and if it goes back down to 26 then I will buy more as it is for the Long term.

      I disagree that the above are Short.People that have to come on a Yahoo Board to tell complete strangers that they are making Money don't have any Money.What is their Motive? Why should anybody care whether a complete stranger is making or losing Money?

      Why should anybody that thinks that a Stock is a POS come on a Yahoo Board and waste their time talking about a Stock that they don't own instead of investigating other avenues?The answer is that they have no valuable time.They have no valuable time because they have no Money so what do they do?They don't even have enough Money to buy gas for their car so they cruise the Internet instead.

    • Hey seeya. I see that you have another Idenity.I really don't care what you think.I am making Money on all my Stocks. With some I am not making more then the others.I have done a Valuation Study.

      You are the one that has been on here ever since UNA was 26 and probably before that with the same old tired posts.

      In order to know my Valuations you would have to know my time frame for those valuations.

      People that have Money and/or trying to make Money don't spend their Time on Yahoo Boards
      telling others how much Money they are making. They spend most of their time trying to make Money.

      At any rate since you are Seeya and don't have anything to offer I will just put you on Ignore.I need the time that I have to spend making money instead of your useless garbage.

      Ask for OT at your job at Burger King and ask your Mommy to lower the Rent she is charging you for your Basement room.

      Tell your Mommy that you would like to Buy your own Computer so you won't have to use hers all the time.

    • in has not pumped rfid.

      the market did.

      i liked it before when this message board was never visited by the likes of the pumpers and shorters, but, with the "the-shit-technology" come the flies. buzz off.

      if you guys were not such pricks, you might learn something.

    • If these guys are as smart as they claim they are, they should realize the charts are saying to unload. This was easy pickings to me. It was the timing of when it would happen that was difficult for me.

      Are you going to consider a purchase when the slide is finished and at what price ?