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  • pheobagraveline pheobagraveline Aug 25, 2003 10:27 PM Flag

    Coincedence or the Gods of Stock?

    I have patiently held onto my little pitiful share of stocks of AEGN when it was one of the very first stocks I purchased along with DSCO. Watched as DSCO just sat there and didnt do anything and decided to take my losses and traded it. but for some reason kept AEGN and watched as it continued down. Yes I still KICK myself everytime I look at DSCO stock which has went to 8.00 would have made a very nice sizeable profit at only having 500 share at 2.57. but anyway with todays spike I thought I seen a glimpse of some of that money that I couldve made with DSCO. Yes I have bought and bought shares to average down my original cost per share of AEGN and each time begrudgingly bought more thinking if it would take a little spike I might recoup some of my losses. And lo and behold when I checked my little ole portfolio this evening I seen black instead of red. Thank you O gracious stock god. Can we please see at least .75 tomorrow? BTW also did the same with CGO and also seen black on this one today. Has the great Gods blessed me not once but twice? Or maybe I have had too much of the wine tonite. Tomorrow will only tell.
    Pay homeage to them gurus tonite.!?!

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    • Great way to loose Integrity on this board my friend is to post a stong buy when the obvious opposite is happening. Fundamentally the business might look good, but, please throw in a little HONEST TA into it.

    • confessions_of_an_asspumper confessions_of_an_asspumper Aug 26, 2003 10:34 AM Flag

      WOW!! Thanks for the glimpse of how pathetic Aerogen stockholders are.. You should now kick yourself for the rest of the day for not selling yesterday on a fake rally with no news --- Are you retarded?
      This will be back in the 30s in no time -- that would make for about 50% on your Aegn portfolio since the top yesterday.. Nice job loser.

    • Coincidence by Gods blessing!
      Of cource God and Stocks have deep inter connecting links. Why not? Afterall everything belongs to God and happens due to God's will?

      Seriously, AEGN is being discovered by the savvy hunters due to its unique opportunity!

      Computer viruses are just tiny problems compared to the virus organism. It is the virus that attack humans that worries everyone today. Viruses are mutating and spreading with alarming speeds. It might have something to do with the alarming Ozone hole and Solar Radiation.

      Two stocks that will really swing into the big screens are

      CYPT - Piss to test for virus.
      AEGN - Nebulizer to treat infections rapidly.

      This is a BIG, BIGGER, BIGGEST play out there.

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      • Hi there,

        I share your enthusiasm, however if I may add a correction to your statement. Yes, viruses are an increasing worry to epidemiologists and clinicians but AEGN does not produce any product that treats viruses. Their antibiotic treatment addresses bacterial infections.

        Something to think about the next time your physician prescribes an antibiotic for you when you have a cold!

        Personally, I'm high on their insulin inhaler treatment (figurtively!). Let's hope for good news and continued rises!


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