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  • Idostoch Idostoch Jul 12, 1999 2:28 AM Flag

    When this industry rebounds...

    the people who invested at this point
    have gained a very nice profit.
    The growth of a
    company like ACR is
    controlled by a simple truth.
    get old, and technology will allow
    to continue to do so in
    incredible numbers. The
    rapid growth is occurring for this

    reason. Demographics don't lie, and
    while assisted
    living is down right
    now this companies growth plan
    goes to show the extreme demand for

    growth in the industry. Just kick
    back and let the
    money roll in.

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    • Looks like ACR is bucking the trends the past few days. That's always a good sign for a stock.

    • You can't hurt this stock. This stock has already
      taken it's beating. When the rest of the market goes
      down people are going to take the safe bet and start
      investing in this stock. Like I've said before just kick
      back, and watch the money roll in. Best of all you can
      sleep easy at night while you're doing so.

    • Idostoch, you are right about demographics. I am
      at the front end of the baby boom, (51) and both my
      mother and my aunt have gone to live in assisted living
      (and both really like it). Being at the front end of
      the baby boom, I have always been the first one
      through most life events (buying a house to buying a
      Pathfinder), and then I read about "myself" in Time or
      Newsweek in one of those, "more and more people are . . .
      " type of articles. I'm already thinking about
      retirement communities because the big house just isn't
      necessary anymore.

      I bought ACR because it seems
      one of the best run companies in the field - a good
      time to buy more before the Time magazine articles
      come out about "more and more people are living in
      assisted living."

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      • It is time to ride this one back to the top of
        the chart. With the growth of this company I plan on
        keeping most of my shares even longer. This ride is going
        to be much more fun than taking a gamble on internet
        stocks. This company is growing and profits are
        increasing. The best part about all of this is you can
        actually see and understand why it is happening. I can
        sleep easy knowing I have made both a smart and
        profitable investment.