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American Retirement Corp. (ACR) Message Board

  • dkbab dkbab Sep 10, 1999 2:37 PM Flag

    This company needs some news

    Like the other few people that post to this
    board, I cannot understand why the stock is so low. We
    need some news from the company to perk up interest in
    the stock.

    I know it is a small cap stock with
    not enough investors, but everything I can find out
    about the company indicates that it should be a good
    investment. Since I got in at 15 1/2 back in April, I am
    getting kind of tired watching my investment shrink.

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    • acr selloff probably due to snrz news. Snrz up 1 1/4 from premarket low. Acr will recover to 9 in short term, but probably no big move til this sector loses its untouchable status.

    • Were in bad sector.

    • Good news! Merrill Lynch just put a NEAR TERM ACCUMULATE/ LONG TERM BUY on American Retirement. That will help!

    • I think ACR (along with the rest of the nursing
      home / assisted living establishment) is suffering
      from investor's psychology. I bought some BLCI at the
      same time I bought ACR (they both own and manage
      retirement properties), and recently noticed that BLCI made
      Individual Investor's Magazine list of the 100 fastest
      growing stocks. But BLCI was rated an "avoid" even though
      II claimed earnings had grown 100% last year and
      were estimated to grow at 44% over the next five (I
      think it was), and even though BLCI had a PE of only
      10. II claimed it had too much debt, and too much
      competition. (You never hear anybody complain of too much
      competition in the overpriced Internet industry!) Good
      grief!! I really think investors, and especially the
      "establishment" simply have a negative attitude towards both
      nursing homes and assisted living centers. (By the way,
      BLCI recently approved a stock buy-back offer...)