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  • bolojo bolojo Oct 18, 1999 8:49 PM Flag

    WORSE News...expected earnings.

    3rd Quarter earnings expected to to be 12 cents, below the estimate of 22-23 cents. See the Company News Release that came out at 6:10 PM. Shift in development program also.

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    • Value in this stock, it is definitely undervalued.


    • can somebody explain to me how ACR earns
      development fees for building new facilities. Now if they are
      building them for someone else I can see it, but then that
      makes no sense because ACR said they were the ones that
      discontiuing development not someone else. So do they pay
      themselves a fee for building their own facilities....what's
      wrong with this picture?

      Anybody out there
      knowledgable about how this works?

    • shorts covering their position. That would account for the volume without much price rise. Yahoo profile for ACR showed 1.65m shares short as of Sept 8th, when this stock was around 11.

    • Perhaps someone saw value at $5? -

    • According to some stock research, here are some
      interesting numbers, IF ACCURATELY STATED. 12 senior officers
      with, I believe an average of 4 years experience.
      SENIOR OFFICERS. Furthermore, with a market cap of
      Net income 3.4 M on revenues of 44.5 M for period
      ended 6/30/99.
      Community operating expense increased
      47.9% for same period, 99.
      Revenues increased 49.1%
      for same period.
      General and administrative
      6/30/98, REPRESENTING AN INCREASE OF 76.6%. Increase was
      primarily due to increases in salaries and benefits. This
      info was obtained from Yahoo research--I do not vouch
      for its accuracy, but that's the info given to me as

    • I am also dissappointed in ACR's management - it
      still isn't quite clear that they are suffering from
      overcapacity since their occupancy rates have even gone up a
      bit. Perhaps they are pulling new projects because
      they see a glut ahead. Is this a one time charge for
      the cancellation costs of new projects? That wasn't
      clear from the Press Release. I hope we get more in the
      quarterly report. There is no reason that they can't cut
      management costs (especially since the new projects are
      dead) and become more profitable again. I would be very
      happy if their growth rate was slower but predictable.
      Hopefully we will see industry consildation, and either ACR
      will be bought or merged.

    • Hi mentges--Just a couple of thoughts to
      First of all, I'm very dissappointed in Acr's
      management. Isn't it management's job to predict future
      demand for their product and to have some sense of how
      quickly demand is going to grow?
      So, what have these
      guys been doing. BUILD, BUILD, BUILD-OOPS, we're short
      on cash, so now, we BUY, BUY,BUY. HELLOOO!!
      want their job---pay ME 300,000/yr. to screw up.
      Sorry,just venting because my $12 investment is now worth
      Second, I say change management, get somebody who
      understands the biz and works within the allotted budget, OR
      MARKET YOUR SERVICES more aggressively, because with an
      aging population and waiting lists for assisted living
      in major metropolitan areas, I just don't see the
      lack of demand; so is overspending the problem here?

    • my SNRZ drops from 25 to 10, my HCR from 25 to
      15, CMDC from 15 to under 3; don't even ask where ALF
      and SHG are now. I figure it can't get any worse &
      ACR earnings are cut in half. I bought it at 13, it's
      already lost more than half. So where does it open
      Tuesday? My guess 4 1/4 & it drops to 3.
      I know, I
      know. I'm in for the long (looooooooooooooooong) haul.
      Will it get back to 15 before I'm living in one of
      their sites?

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      • S&P will host a phone conference on Thursday,
        Oct. 21 at 2pm.

        You can pick it up either by
        phone or internet!
        Visit the S&P site and click on
        conferences and calls.

        I am still amazzzzzzzzed,
        anyone thinks this industry is a place to invest. It was
        the ancillaries that drove the rev's and the Fed's
        took that out with PPS. Also, the Fed's OIG workplan
        has targeted for review excessive use of ancil's by
        long term care providers.

        You can read the
        workplan 2000 at the following

        Bankers, lenders, attorneys and investors feel free to
        post your questions, I'll try and get back here to
        comment or direct you to resources.

        company assets are located in Florida. A large number of
        the facilities are on the AHCA 'watch list' for
        quality of care issues. You read each citation at the
        AHCA site by clicking on nursing homes and then

        OFL has never had or nor will ever take a position in
        a commented company.
        OFL has never been an
        employee of this co. or had any contractual work effort
        related to this co.
        The opinions expressed by OFL are
        not a replacement for your own research and

        Question - Where were the Streetie analysts? All the
        events were known 12+ months ago! BBA97 everyone of them
        should have understood the implications.

        I can't believe you guys didn't see this
        coming.The industry leaders were telling analysts things
        aren't rosy now,did you actually think ACR was
        immune.Good luck longs,maybe short covering will keep you
        afloat . Larlor