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  • pndheehee pndheehee Jul 23, 2013 12:57 PM Flag

    2nd day and NOVAGOLD is leading the pack


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    • I agree. I've had my allocation to gold mining shares invested about 50%-50% between ANV and NG, but after press release Monday, decided to move 100% to NG. Although I see both as options on the price of gold, ANV is a short dated option whereas NG is a LEAP. The reason being that ANV is in the middle of an expansion of an existing mine and depends on reliable cash flows, whereas NG is still in early stages (currently working on EIS) and any production is several years out. IMO they are both attractively priced, but with volatile gold prices and leach pad problems, I see more risk currently with ANV.

    • I checked it out. It seems to be doing well, congrats.

      There are tons which are doing dramatically better in the last few weeks. San Gold has jumped from 10 cents per share to 19 cent per share (on an acquisition, and new mgmt) in a week, and Balmoral jumped quickly from 26 cents to 49 cents in the space of a week or two. Pilot has done super well; so has Almaden and other explorers too. There are too many miners to follow all of them.

      I was given good advice to go with those that have big deposits that are easy to mine, as the majors would want to acquire them. The advice seems sound, and I'm following it by and large with some new miner buys, but not sure if those gettting acquired now are fitting that criteria.

      Anyway, the ones that are really flying on the sub-dollar level are those that had been beaten down considerably, and that lucked out with new catalysts (drill, feasability study, etc) right when gold was rising.
      Sites like Hard Assets or the GOld Report or Exploration Insights can be helpful to find out a few less-hyped miners that may be flying under the radar until they provide a new catalyst to get the market to remember they exist.