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  • roxettewish roxettewish Aug 9, 2013 5:30 PM Flag

    ANV takeover rimor hits the flyware network looks like Newmont like my source said before

    now what is the price of the deal? stay tuned next week

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    • and 2nd AVN has no need to sell, they can survive on it's own for sure, so if it is true, offer has to be attractive, for NEW timing of course is great, as this stock has been hammered down the drain

    • makes sense, and I am long, but why would this source give you this information, could be just gossip!

      makes sense, as ANV has the best slots in Nevada with resources, and are profitable, nec year, expect +/- 60 cents a share, later will be more, of this find solutions for a.o. mill

    • aldebade Aug 10, 2013 5:00 AM Flag

      don't care the price~~~are they dealing?

    • harryblank Aug 10, 2013 4:53 AM Flag

      Whatever the price is, you can be sure it will be more than current market. Newmont is one of the most solid and respectable compamys out there, and I can assure you know year sincewhat they are doing. They are looking at a company that has turned a profit every year since 2009; has one of the richest gold and silver reserves in the world: a nearly completed state- of- the-art mill a state- of- the-art leaching process and the worlds best chemists and engineers to run it: and millions of dollars of processed ore, just lying out on the leach pads waiting for someone to "just add water" and harvest; all the makings of the world's lowest cost producer of precious metals on the face of the eart;, one of the lowest risk in locations right in Newmonts backyard in Nevad, USA; an excellant credit ratingand mega- millions in cash just sititng there, while they decide the best way to uset it; dynamic management team and engineering staff with a literal " heart of godlllold exemplified by the two months full pay extended to ther displaced labor staff: and many other elements of potential greatness.
      Of course Newmont is looking at an acquisition. They have been waiting for such an opportunity to emerge at just such a time and market envirornment. Who wads it that said "Buy when there is blood in the streets"?
      There can be no doubt that there is fresh blood in the streets, between the current market conditions; the recent purging of dead wood who ran the ANV ship aground; and the current state of our economy, literallly drowning in freashly printed fiat currency just waiting to inflate like a hot air baloon on steroids. Newmont deserves this opportunity for their years of frugal, management, hard work and integrity in the precius metals mining sector and.
      ANV sure could use a partner with deep pockets, mining expertise, and such an excellant mining track record.
      I am long on ANV and willing to share the wealth with all who are blessed with the DD/courage to go for it!!