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  • peteharmison peteharmison Aug 29, 2013 2:49 PM Flag

    Another scam going to zero NG - No 0 dollar - ANV and NG worth nothing

    burning cash

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    • It is not true that ANV isn't worth anything ... it is probably worth slightly higher than ABX P?E of 7.5 ... say for a P/E of about 10 ...

      With a P/E of 10 and EPS of $0.19 this ANV is probably worth about $2/share ... even if they have to cut down production and take loss for a few quarters or may be a year or two at the most while Gold price bottoms out they might survive ...

      So a P/E of 10 which is about $2/share might be a price where ANV risk would all come to surface including Gold price of about $900/oz ...