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  • jj719903 jj719903 Jan 27, 2014 7:51 PM Flag

    Like tumbler pins falling in place?

    Lemetropole snippet....

    While gold did manage to gain roughly 1% in the early access trade the cartel made sure that quickly evaporated. The featured hit was between 8:24 and 8:26 AM, when an outsized 4,993 combined Feb. and April Comex contracts hit the access trade. Of course this irrational trading was just prior to the more liquid pit open. This has happened over and over lately, and can only be official interventions of some kind.

    Thursday - 2% cap..... check
    Friday - 1% cap.... check
    Monday - Steady..... check
    Tue. / Wed. ...... ??????

    We now have the classic setup. Sequencing begun, the tumbler pins are falling in place. The algos have been set to flash crash. As we know the access trade open, 3:00 AM, and just prior to the Comex open are the preferred bombing times. Rejecting the breakout above $1255 and $1270 is their pre-op.ex. objective. Either the cartel does its thing soon and takes gold down hard, or they get stuffed and gold roars back. If Fridays are the new Tuesdays then conversely tomorrow is set up to be the new Friday.

    When even the FT agrees the paper game is just a load of #$%$ and physical is the only place to be you know we're on the precipice of BIG things.
    James Mc…

    My "unch" was correct

    With 30 minutes to the Comex close I'm showing the exact circled number on my pad from last night - $1264.30.... otherwise known as "unch" on the cartel algo computers. You literally can't get any more "steady" than that. SO obvious what they do. FWIW a typical down hard to follow lately would consist of a $20 plunge, requiring somewhere between 4 and 6 flash crash minutes, at an average of 14,000 short contracts.

    IF James Mc is right again, the above commentaries should be sent to every gold/financial market press person in the world with a request for feedback.


    You have to be kidding me! Gold has just been bombed in the last half hour to $1253. Silver hit $19.57. James Mc called it again.

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    • The bums didn’t even wait to go into their PLAN A attack tomorrow. They immediately went to PLAN C in the Access Market. Beyond farce! The DOW is up 50. Hail Caesar! Hail The Gold Cartel! Hail the PPT!

      James Mc late…

      :01 Feb. & April vol. : 28
      2:02 Feb. & April vol. : 1508
      2:15 Feb. & April vol. : 159
      2:16 Feb. & April vol. : 1279

      2 post-Comex pit close flash crash minutes, good for a $12 smack. Tuesday apparently arrived early in the form of the bookend to the pre-Comex pit open smack. Just a couple more flash crashes to go and the idiot pundits can all scream "failed breakout", while Doug Casey can continue to pretend manipulation never happens. BTW the official Comex pit close showed down 90 cents, damn close to "steady" aka unch. The farce just keeps getting more farcical.


      Will one of the nincompoops in the financial market report on this ludicrous nonsense. OF COURSE NOT! They are braindead ... either that or bought off.