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  • Glennboe Glennboe Jul 27, 2006 12:23 PM Flag

    Last chance to buy below $30

    The reason this dropped below $30 was
    1. STP deal was not finalized
    2. Dell and AMD hurt the semiconductor sector.
    3. BTUI guidance
    4. Pre earnings jitters

    Everybody has this targeted for the mid 40's. And now the company has increased guidance, finalized the STP deal, beat earnings, and will lock up another major supply deal very soon. Today's action was short term traders locking in profits. This stock will rip through the 30's this month.

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    • thanks!!!!

      kiss kiss!!!!!!

    • Hot Lips,

      They report Monday pre-market. Estimates are .16. Looks like it's going to run up into earnings. The stock broke a downtrend line so it's a buy. Looks like 8.72 was the bottom. I thought it might go to $8/share but no luckee.

      Just don't let it go below 8.72. The target would be the high volume high of 12.64 which hasn't been tested. Wait for the Fed to have their say.


    • what's ur call on JADE? fake out today, still going down?

    • Blasto,

      That's tempestuous. You forgot the s.

      Did you know I wrote the Tempest? I too have a birthday coming up on April 12th. Of course, I was born in the year of our Virgin Queen, 1550. Truth be told, I luv'd that Queen. She was no virgin. Trust mee. She thought it fun to name Virginia after she. Very funny. She was a she-wolf.

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      Darth de Vere

    • Acey,

      Dated Rand? You mean $ucked Yeoman Rand with a tricorder? I want to hear the truth.

      Reminds mee of that story about Ayn Rand and Nathaniel Branden. He $ucked her with a fur coat on. God, dat would have been great. Smart and tempetuous women turn mee on.

      Nothings as goog as a beautiful stock though. Long or short.


    • Yah, that was a goog episode.

      A guy I worked with in Detroit in 82-83 had lived in Socal for about 5 years, and his big claim to fame was that he had dated Yeoman Rand.


    • Mr. T,

      Dat boy Darth is too nice. Yea, he and you were right but he's too damn nice and altruistic. Reminds mee of a Catholic although meethinks he was baptized and confirmed Lutheran. Darthie boy also reminds mee of the nice Kirk. I'm the smart, evil Kirk.

      Of course, the coolest dude was the evil Spock imo. Dat boy was cool. Coolllllll. I'm hot.


    • Blasto Fool!

      Glenboy is right, should have listened to T and darth. I told you this sucka was going to 55, now it's going to 125. That's why I sold all my gold chains in July and put it all in WFR. Go wafer, sucka.

      mr t

    • Glen or Glenda,

      I'm gonna get some luv from you in hell. Dats all I have to say. You mee and the Pumpkin.


    • Hey blasto,

      Just admit that you were dead wrong in July about this company. Along with Friedman Billings and the rest of the bears of this company. And I was right on the money, when I said it was a huge buying opportunity in July, when it went ridiculously down for no good reason.

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