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  • darthrapier darthrapier Apr 10, 2007 11:45 AM Flag

    OT: Mid morning notes for mee and you


    Well, it does fell a little wishy-washy doesn't it? The leaders like WFR, GOOG and AAPL aren't acting well. But, there is always opportunity on the long side:

    1) GS upgraded ADSK and ORCL to buys. The longer term chart on ADSK looks goog to mee.
    2) BAC upgraded AMAT
    3) GSF feels goog to mee. Remember, this is the one that Cramer thinks is going to be taken out. Also, Soros is in this stock. I don't like Soros but you have to watch him. He's also in RIO, IRF, TQNT, CIEN, BFLY and ARXT based upon a recent article I read. Although did he sell out of his ARXT? Anyway, I like Ken Heebner who is talking up companies like HXM, RIO, BHI and CBG. RIO seems to be the constant. Blame it on RIO if I'm wrong.
    4) URI put itself on the block. DOW and BCE don't want to sell themselves they say.
    5) Cramer rec'd the ROSE and the VCLK/AQNT idea on the Doubleclick auction.
    6) I ges the earnings play was CAE. Wouldn't have ges'd that one. Well, maybe SLP was the earnings play. Yep.
    7) ROCM is a strong stock.
    8) To sell aluminum before AA or knot, that is the question.
    9) I ges the bounce play was LHCG.
    10) Why is FSLR and TSL up and SPWR/STP down? Solar schizophrenia? Is there a drug for that?


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