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  • mrjellyfinger mrjellyfinger May 22, 2007 9:53 AM Flag

    OT: Jimmy is Ramblin'

    I really hope you have no children. Character assassinations aside, those guys are at least trying to do something about the environment. Have you been paying ANY attention to GWB's record on the environment dating back to his gov. days in Texas? WORST EVER, not even close.

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    • Mrjelly,

      Read what you wrote. This is the sort of thing I hold up as examples of the insanity that grips the left. There's that "worst ever" lable again, with absolutely no connection to reality. Worst president. Worst economy. Worst environment. You guys are suffering from some sort of hysteria that blinds you. Let me see if I can reduce some of your rage so you can see more clearly. You surely have been paying attention to whose home is greener; Bush or Gore? One is "trying", the other is doing. You also know which president has budgeted the most for cleaner and alternative fuels? And who has budgeted more for Superfund cleanup? I worked in Texas with the chemical and power industries when Bush was governor. There was really exciting work being done, from totally enclosed bio-based wastewater treatment plants to scrubbing SOX's from huge coal-burning power plants. The recovered SOX's were then converted to sulfuric acid, which is used to make commodities and medicines. Very efficient. (As I wrote in a previous post, I'm a bit of a tree-hugger.) You really should get more balance in your information sources. You have allowed yourself to be duped.

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      • Gamblr,

        You're a bit of a tree-hugger you say?
        and your best friends a PhD and a liberal?
        And yet, you still argue for Bush
        Comparing apples to oranges
        I guess you feel that you must.

        I'd say there's a man who is glimpsing
        the light through the heavy curtain
        of anti-liberal indoctrination
        And now he's not so certain..

        It might mean that you have chi
        However smothered it may be
        And of you that raises my estimation
        far above Blasto, the abomination


      • Gambler:

        Sorry but this is the first time I have heard anyone calling Bush as an Environmental President. His effort for the alternative fuels and such is nothing but playing into the ethanol politics (just like the left) and making an impression to the general public that he is concerned about the middle-east dependence on oil and gas prices both of which are popular with general public. Prior to that, time and time again he has completely undermined any and all progress that could have been made, in fact reverted most of the progress that was made under Clinton and his father Bush I - from fuel efficiency standards to EPA enforcements to keeping National Parks off business interests...

        Check this log of his environmental achievements:

        No, I am not buying Bush has a good record on environment, at least on the national level - not knowing much about Texas.


      • Nope, I'm not buying it. There is no unbiased approach to this topic matter (it really gets back to the pathetic two party system we have and you're convince I'm on the opposite side), so you're "I worked there, and it was exciting" is no better than my approach. As always do your own DD and check it out.

    • Mr. JellyPeanuts,

      "those guys are at least trying to do something about the environment". Exactly what are "they" trying to do? And, exactly, what is the problem? The Earth has gone through many cycles of glaciation, etc. when Man was knot yet walking around.

      Are you saying Bush spit on the sidewalk? Did he litter? Knot sure exactly what you mean?

      All I know is that the "greenies" have prevented us from becoming energy independent from the Middle East. We haven't built one nuclear facility in years while France has basically become energy independent by building these facilities. Meanwile, our gasoline prices are going through the roof because the "greenies" have prevented us from building more refineries. Ah, but we must protect the environment. How about protecting our lives?

      I'm all for protecting the environment. I'm self-interested. A goog environment is goog for mee. But, it must be a balancing act and it must be in our strategic interest to protect America. In my view, the "greenies" have threatened our lives. Ah, yes, but they are well intentioned. Typical socialist spew. Evil must always be confronted and the "greenies" are evil imo.


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      • I hope you take your us/them good/evil attitude to the grave with you without spreading it to others. There's no way you have kids. Making light of the way this previous Gov. and current Pres. has treated the earth is ridiculous. If you're unaware of his policies re: the environment and how they are 180 degrees opposed to his rhetoric (which non-thinking "liberal media" watchers accept as the gospel), your head is in a hole or in front of Fox news. I have to get back to work.