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  • twelvebuttons twelvebuttons May 29, 2007 12:48 AM Flag

    Memorial Day paradigm shift?

    Okay this is strictly anecdotal, but this Memorial Day I noticed some really big changes in the way Americans are clelebrating....

    The battle of the bargains is obviously what our soldiers fought for..our right to spend the entire weekend at the mall,... then off to see "Pirates", and then to Chucky Cheese or Outback, or Olive Garden with the kids instead of the homemade cookout in the backyard.

    I drove down my street all weekend - only ONE barbecue..the place looked deserted save for the one or two guys mowing their lawn.

    Maybe Global Warming has something to do with it? IT was really hot throughout the South - who wants to sweat over a grill in 90 degree heat when you can park your fat SUV luvin ass in the metroplex watchin Depp in mascara?

    Nobody was at Lowes or HD this weekend buying anything for the house -had both places to myself - no incentive pouring more into that money pit til the housing correction is over. All the plants were frying in the temps anyway. ANd why buy plants when there is going to be water restictions imposed as the summer continues?

    Nobody was out buying cars when we don't know what the hell to fill them with...

    I think there were more boats on front lawns with for sale signs on them than the ones on the nearby lake.

    I also did not see a slew of civic lead events ie marches, picnics, and concerts as in the past...sorry to say I think we are losing some traditions along the way as we become more diverse as a culture...

    Anybody else see similar in their neck of the woods?


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    • I didn't really see that here. We attended two get-togethers with grilling and had to pass on two others. Saw a fair amount of flags and lots of activity, but we stayed very local.

    • We were camping in West Va at Big Bend. Not many fisherman out this year. Also, the traffic back into DC was surprisingly light. Wondered if high gas prices had kept people at home. Not good for the locals. The weather was beautiful. Seemed like a big slowdown of nonessential activity, but have heard nothing in the news.