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  • gulleyj56 gulleyj56 Dec 17, 2007 12:29 PM Flag

    Hey Rambler

    Hey My....Blasto might be a font of good investment info, it's just that his obnoxious political nonsense is too high a price to pay for me. That probably just means I'm too thin-skinned, so you should glean what you can from him.

    I mostly TAKE from this board it's true, but I did give you CMG last summer in the low $50's and CROX around $30 pre-split, and those weren't bad calls. I also rode CPNLQ from 20 cents to $3.70 and more importantly, I haven't laid a bad idea on anybody, so don't write me off. The only guy I bait is Blasto, and he can take it I'm sure since he dishes it out so well.

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    • Gullible,

      If I could just change your vote, all would be well in dis world. My work is to make da gullible less gullible. Dat is my truth. Watch out for da Ramblers of da world. Dey will take from you until you have no more to give. It is an ideology of evil. I confront evil. There is no one better to do dat dan a Sith.

      Blasto for President