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  • r2now_r3next r2now_r3next Apr 4, 2008 11:46 AM Flag

    OT McCain the old war hero?

    " I hope Obama has mercy on the the old war hero."

    It is probably time to start to analyze what McCain mission was in Vietnam war.

    Do folks know what McCain was actually dropping over North Vietnam?

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    • <How many times was Rodney King smacked? Was it a few dozen times? Later upgraded? And in slo mo it appeared more than 300?>

      "at least give equal billing to a more heinous crime in your riposte."

      Heinous crimes are without end.

      Your posting of one that was close to you is off theme.

      The specific theme in this thread is about voluntary participation in the Vietnam civil war.

      You tried to blur this by arguing numbers. What you did is often an attempt to divert attention from the overarching theme.

      Again, the theme is whether a hero is someone who jumps back into dropping additional unprecendented volumes of destruction on civilian populations, not aruging about the numerical volume of destruction.

      In your example, some in the mob that ran through Crown Heights rampaging probably to this day believe that they were engaging in a heroic activity, lol.

      Rambler would excuse the rampaging mob in Crown Heights the way he excuses McCain by saying that they really had no choice but to participate beyond any boundary of rationality.

    • <How many times was Rodney King smacked? Was it a few dozen times? Later upgraded? And in slo mo it appeared more than 300?>

      at least give equal billing to a more heinous crime in your riposte. if i hit rodney king 300 times, today, he would never get up and i get tired walking up a big hill sometimes. see quote below:

      < Yankel Rosenbaum, a Hasidic scholar and doctoral student from Australia, was attacked by a mob after a Hasidic driver accidentally hit and killed a 7-year-old black boy in Brooklyn's Crown Heights section in August 1991.

      Irate blacks formed a mob that descended on Rosenbaum on Aug. 19 yelling, "Get the Jew!" Rosenbaum, stabbed four times, died a day later. He was 29.

      The violence continued for more than two days as black youths swept through the neighborhood, burning police cars, looting stores and throwing bottles >

      entering rodney king's name into a discussion about the vietnam war is a stretch that required a reply. it was not a pretty picture in brooklyn and it set new york city on an entirely new path and security became the order of the day.

    • Robot

      You are the stupidest thing God or Cyberdyne ever built if either built you which I doubt.... you sit and pontificate with incorrect information and think you have some kind of intelligent message to communicate.... why don't you ask your guards at gitmo to bugger you ... you wud probably find it immensely gratifying


    • How many times was Rodney King smacked?

      Was it a few dozen times? Later upgraded? And in slo mo it appeared more than 300?

      Vietnam was a Civil War. The U.S. came in to support a corrupt family running "free" south Vietnam in this Civil War. How many bombs did the U.S. drop in the Vietnam Civil War? An almost unbelievably high amount. Plus chemical bombs.

      McCain after his accident was given the option for a noncombat role. He chose to keep raining bombs on Vietnam.

      Many say Vietnam was by far the ugliest chapter in U.S. history. Vietnam tarnished a great country.

    • r2 now,

      <B-52 bombers.... dropped 8 million tons of bombs on Vietnam between 1965 and 1973,,,,,worked out at approximately 300 tons for every man, woman and child living in Vietnam. .>

      i multiplied 300 tons x 43 million (approx) vietnam population in 1974 and came up with a number of 12.9 billion tons dropped or 1.6 billion per year over 8 years. somewhere there is a discrepancy between numbers. it seems impossible to be able to deliver the amount of bombs and aircraft needed to reach those numbers.

      do you have credible (operative word) links to your sources of info? i have a similar problem when i read about all the intelligentsia being quoted and proclaiming that there is no global warming as the icebergs disappear.

    • now we import shrimp from them to poison our own population...but who long as someones making money.

    • meanwhile the ememy never was viet nam it was china...yes our government is a stupid now as it was then.

    • B-52 bombers that could fly at heights that prevented them being seen or heard dropped 8 million tons of bombs on Vietnam between 1965 and 1973. This was over three times the amount of bombs dropped throughout the whole of the Second World War and worked out at approximately 300 tons for every man, woman and child living in Vietnam.

      As well as explosive bombs the United States Air Force dropped a considerable number of incendiary devices. The most infamous of these was napalm, a mixture of petrol and a chemical thickner which produces a tough sticky gel that attaches itself to the skin. The igniting agent, white phosphorus, continues burning for a considerable amount of time. A reported three quarters of all napalm victims in Vietnam were burned through to the muscle and bone (fifth degree burns). The pain caused by the burning is so traumatic that it often causes death.

      The US also made considerable use of anti-personnel bombs. The pineapple bomb was made up of 250 metal pellets inside a small canister. Gloria Emerson, a reporter in Vietnam, witnessed their use: "An American plane could drop a thousand pineapples over an area the size of four football fields. In a single air strike two hundred and fifty thousand pellets were spewed in a horizontal pattern over the land below, hitting everything on the ground."

      The United States also experimented with the use of plastic rather than metal needles and pellets in their antipersonnel bombs. The advantage of plastic was they could not be identified by X-Ray machines. Dropped on highly populated areas, antipersonnel bombs could severely disrupt the functioning of North Vietnam. It has been claimed that the major objective of the US bombing raids on North Vietnam was not to kill its 17 million population but to maim them. As was pointed out at the time, serious injury is more disruptive than death as people have to be employed to look after the injured where they only have to bury the dead.

      Between 1962 and 1969, 688,000 agricultural acres were sprayed with a chemical called Agent Blue. The aim of this exercise was to deny food to the NLF. However, research suggests that it was the civilian population who suffered most from the poor rice harvests that followed the spraying.

      When a report appeared in the St. Louis Dispatch about the dropping of "poison" on North Vietnam the United States denied the herbicide they were using was a chemical weapon. It was claimed that Agent Orange and Agent Blue were harmless to humans and only had a short-lived impact on the environment.

      This was disputed by international experts and 5,000 American scientists, including 17 Nobel prize winners and 129 members of the Academy of Sciences, signed a petition against chemical and biological weapons being used in Vietnam. However, it was not until 1974 that the United States government stopped using Agent Orange and Agent Blue.

    • Lash, cousin,

      I am not anti-jewish, but I do know that this arab-israeli thing is not a lot unlike the Protestants and the Catholics in Ulster, or some old tribal grudge. Maybe more like the Hutus and Tsutsis. Or, the Hatfields and the McCoys. Only its the Abrahams vs. the Ibrahims.

      When I was a kid, so many of the local doctors and dentists were Palestinians or good old home-grown Jews. Nowadays, the Palestinian doctor is rare, for obvious reasons. That's a tragic consequence.

      Anyway, my Jewish friends are great and I love them. They hate Arabs, and they want to kill all of them. That, I can't condone. My Arab friends, though slightly fewer than my Jewish ones, are likewise inclined. I also love them, but never agree with them on this ethnic hatred thing. I just don't want the feud brought to America as something we should get on one side of, which I think we have been doing. When you have two friends who fight, the best thing you can do is to try to get them to either leave each other alone, or kiss and make up.

      As for Joe, well he is just another Arab-hater, like most of his landsmen. They want to make this an American thing; it's not. I can't give Blasto a link to L's quote, because the quote was made at a social gathering between friends I share with the esteemed Senator.

      Now, why would the Iranians want to attack Ireland? Was that a rhetorical question? I would hate it if the the U.N. suddenly decided the Jews needed a new homeland and it was Manhattan, lol. Now THAT would be very funny.

      Give them Brooklyn, I say! Piss off da Wops!


    • Dumbles,

      You can't give me da link? Of course you can't because goog 'ol Joe never said the things you said he said. You never did da research. You just thought it up and posted da evil spiel.

      BTW, XSNX just leased a facility in Oregon to make their stuff. I have no idea whether they'll follow through and make their stuff but I know you said you would buy 13,400 @ .30/share. Never made it there unless you're going to tell da bored you now own it. It doesn't really matter though. I don't care. You're a $uckin' wacko.

      President Blasto

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