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  • darthrapier darthrapier Sep 8, 2008 9:54 AM Flag

    Darth Observations


    Welcome to the Stock Market. It's the only place where a bailout can happen and the Market rejoices. Fannie and Freddie go to zero and the Banks go to the moon. I think the Pirate's ship (SKF) just went to the bottom of the sea. The World likes the bailout. The Dollar likes it. Asia was up big and Europe is up over 3%.

    Or, is Blasto right and the Market up because McCain/Palin have taken the lead? No way Jose. It's got to be Fannie & Freddie. I'm staying out of Politics. Let Blasto run for bored President.

    Oh, how about GEOY, my trade of the day Friday. They made it into space (as seen on the Internet) and they gapped up nice today. You're welcome.

    WFR front? Nada. Nice gapper too.

    Other Observations?

    1) IBD movers on volume? AFAM, CRMT, AMED, ZOLL, IBM, ECOL, AMZN, BKE, DXPE, NTRS, TITN, RIMM, POT, AAON, QSII, PRXL, NWPX, HCBK, CCC and FSYS...conclusion? Stock specific.
    2) Goog earnings/guidance? HITK
    3) Goog upgrades? C likes TS, Freidman likes RF, MER likes GS, Stifel likes MPWR and Keegan likes RIMM.
    4) MO takes UST for $69.50/share. Vultures are circling LEH. GEHL gets taken for $30/share. NCEM gets taken for $13.37/share. Wasn't this one of Old's stocks?
    5) Little Gals? WM - force out CEO.
    6) Barron's likes CTSH, DFS and SCHN.
    7) IBD likes MMSI.
    8) Other goog stocks? HD, LOW, GIL and TPX.
    9) FDA stock - BPAX (oral contraceptive). BIOD gets slammed the other way.
    10) Trade of the Day? SKF on this gap down and gap up by the Banks. That was easy.


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