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    • my name is peewee. see how liberal squanto run? he no answer question about maxing out chinese credit card so he just run and hide. that what they do. american success hinges on american obama who has done nothing. built nothing. made nothing. yet he tell americans they need no investment bankers anymore to bring new companies forward to pay off us chinese. no. he want more people that he can control. like bankers. like car companies. what else? he say he turn ship around but ship is titanic. all i do is point this out. iceberg of debt. my name is peewee. you sink with obama. mark my words for they ring true.

    • ...darth...sorry, "no misnomer" is back on iggy...~

    • my name is peewee. i mean reciprocal of pie 3.142 = .318. see what i mean. i get pie in my face. my name is peewee. i have fun. weeeeee!!!

    • my name is peewee. i just realize retrace to spx 956 is pie (.318) (from high of spx 1576 to spx 666). maybe we all get pie in our face? mr market like to do that. i so funny. i think i get indian mad. mad injun. my name is peewee.

    • my name peewee. i see. so you fib no rhyme anymore? .236 no meaning no how? I just look at 200 day ema @ spx 951 and pivot of spx 944 from early january and call it a day. look like big inverted head and shoulder pattern to me. maybe put in light volume handle and bust out when your president obama pay us back? how much you spend on chinese credit card? triple your debt? can you do fib numbers again for bored for trad and me? then i laugh. we own you. that why i love to talk to you liberal americans. or, maybe just have romans pay us back if you find buried treasure in italy. where roman? maybe he talk to me. darth no talk to you until you answer debt question. my name is peewee. you talk to me.

    • ...darth, if you didn't understand the numbers, just ask me as darth, i would have responded...

      ok, peewee, curious as to why you're doing trad's bidding for him...i think trad understand post...trad smart guy...maybe this peewee guy not do good in abacus...maybe peewee no misnomer...maybe peewee thick like wall of china...see, i make funny...hee, hee... okay enough of the clown $hit

      here is original post...

      "...the .618 of the .382(or more commonly known as the .236) retrace of the spx from its' high of 1576.09 to the low in march of 666.79, is 881.38... it hit 882.06 today and quickly retreated...this is the same area of resistance that the market twice hit in 2002(in aug. and dec.) and backed off... "

      ...the statement "this is the same area of resistance" refers to the .236 area, not the is the math...

      high in 2000, 1553.11 down to 775.96 = 777.15 .... 777.15 X . 236 = 183.41
      183.41 + 775.96 = 960.56 went to 964.84 and quickly retreated down to new low of 768.67...
      1553.11 - 768.67 = 784.44... 784.44 X .236 = 185.13... 768.67 + 185.13 = 953.80... market then rebounded to 954.32 and again, retreated from that "area"...this time do .886 retrace...understand???...
      ... me look for reversal tomorrow, friday, or monday...hard to pin down exact day...we be 89 wks from aug. 2007 low...~

    • SolarFascist,

      Yea, and I'm dinking "Tacos" right now.

      Actually, I'm dinking and playing with my QID.

      President Blasto

    • <Do you like bow and arrows?>

      whoa, you hit right on the sychronicity thing. as you were typing this i was in a garden behind my house looking for arrowheads. i found one! thanks.

    • Please, accept my apology and understand my state of depression at the loss of my pants with FAZ.

    • Horace,

      If you like Michigan Battle Creek area, go a little farther west on I-94 to the coast of Lake Michigan. Anywhere from New Buffalo up to South Haven. Some of the most beautiful fresh water beaches in the world. Easy trip to Chicago for city vists. Lots of winerys and restaurants, state parks etc. If you want to check it out there are a lot of little Inns and Bed & Breakfasts right on the beach.

      Iowa is OK if you like flat farms growing corn. Not much else there. But they have some of the best food in the country, and they eat a lot of it too. In Iowa not only the cows are Heffers.

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