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  • horacebello horacebello May 6, 2009 4:21 PM Flag

    don't cry for me Mr President

    well ... cry worthwhile only if the Pfeiffer insists on ignoring ours.
    However, I lost profit AIG as a shit, in another no less difficult call FAZ.
    Hope to see the DJIA closed below 8444 and has not happened.
    I decided no stop loss, and this time did not agree with this crazy price rise.
    In short: I add more FAZ @ 5.22

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    • you are the epitome of "NO BRAIN, NO PAIN"! where's blasto's mind? it can't be found even with a 1000X microscope, like some other part of his anatomy. now get back to work and give us the picks for today.

    • Bored,

      Two ends of da spectrum with these dumbarse Libs. One lib (Hard-on) wants to take me on with guns. Da other Lib (SolarFascist) wants to take my guns away and deny me my constitutional rights.

      Da mind of a Lib for all to see. Beware da Lib. Beware da Menace. Remember to vote in 2010.

      President Blasto

    • no,no, we'd much rather see him own a weapon he can easily drop and discharge, killing himself. or better yet, have his 8 y.o. take it to school for show and tell.

    • Kartman,

      Asking Blasto about firearm protection is like asking Bristol Palin about Planned Parenthood.

      Outside the home, unless you own a pawn shop or convenience store the reality of most situations where law abiding citizens protect themselves is when the criminal never sees the gun. The guns are usually snub nose and concealed discreetly in the jackets or waist bands.

      Home Protection - It's not even close. The most effective weapon is a 12 gauge shot gun. Mossburgs can be fitted with 6-10 cartridge drum fed magazines and Russian Saiga's have 20 round drum clips. It IS state of the art in urban warfare in Iraq and Afghanistan with laser sights.

      Hey Blasto!! Anyday, Anytime.

    • DeVotee,

      That was a great story Coop! Tell them you're stupid to make an irrelevant point and then tell President Blasto not to be stupid like you. Ah, let me consider that.

      Little old Coop, my ilk were telling everyone about Global Cooling in the 1970's and it appears that we were right! The data tells us that the Earth has been cooling the last 10 years. Did you know that the Earth was a snowball at one point in time? That was before Man was ever around. Hell, maybe we humans can prevent that from happening again. Just burn some more carbon.

      Yes, the Lefties now tell us it's all about "Climate Change". You don't hear much about "Global Warming" anymore. Smoking? I hear Obama's scientific guy wants to shoot pollution in the air to stifle Earth's lungs. Go figure. Us Libs are just plain funny. I'm from Plains, Georgia. I'm

      Jimmy Peanut (you're just a Peanut)

    • My father was very humble as a child and lost his mother before turning 2 years. Not finish primary school and then spent more than half of their wages in the education of my brother and me.

      Two Greeks cobblers who spoke very bad the Spanish -our country is so USA as immigrants- gave bread to my father every afternoon in his childhood.
      For the Greeks,letter H was the most similarity with the Greek letters for their irrisory Spanish.
      And my father and his friends playing soccer every day, hand them their love to this sport.
      So, the Greeks chose an Argentine soccer club whose name began with H (Hurricane) and my father was such a fan of the club, daily bread.
      When I was born, he tried to call me Hurricane but did not quit. After that, he loocked for two names with initial H and here you have the reason why I am -from there- a Hurricane fanatic to the end of my life.

      (In memorian, Thanks for all daddy)

    • tanks!

    • i looked for the clip at the end of deerhunter where deniro sticks a pistol in the ear of the little shrimpy guy. as i remember, the little guy was acting out a power trip due to owning his gun. he portrayed the typical little weak small penis guy who finds all his power from having a gun. except he crosses paths with deniro, a psychopath from vietnam who faced death daily and it became nothing to him. anyway the point is those guys who are out there gang banging don't expect to live past 20. when you meet one, all your "im a big man with a gun" power will turn into peewater in your pants, just like the scene in deerhunter. and blasto, trade, cartman, mys, you are all that little shrimp, PISSIN' HIS PANTS. GET A LIFE ALL OF YA.

    • speaking of which:

      another De Niro "gun" classic

    • yep, you're right Kart...
      we're at a crossroads,
      for far to long,
      the wrong roads have ben taken,
      the wrong roads have led us,
      into war,
      into poverty,
      into employment,
      and inflation,
      today I say to you,
      we have reached the turning point!!!!

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