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  • horacebello horacebello May 13, 2009 6:53 PM Flag

    two centuries ago

    "I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties that entire army ready for combat.
    If the American people one day allow private banks to control their currency, the banks and all instutions that bloom along the banks, 'll deprive possession of all people, first by inflation, then by the recession, until the day their children wake up without house and without roofs (homeless) on the land that their fathers conquered".

    Thomas Jefferson 1802

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    • Swiss order is a little (quite?) different from the Argentine ... Mathematically and understandable as an ETF.
      FAS/FAZ remember Swiss/Argentina. An inverse.

      Not only a place or a country: is an agreed order.
      Swiss were very poor some centuries back, and get mercenaries jobs was very simple for the same reason.
      Farmers or rude people with weapons while the kingdoms of Europe discussed the power with the Church.
      They were brave and hard (Silvester Stallone copied from them and current Swiss quite different regardless of the canton);
      A few defended the Pope during the Siege of Rome for several weeks/months against Landsquenettes sent by the kings of Spain and Germany.
      With the surrender and delivery of land, the Pope alive, the Swiss remain the strength and loyalty, and now still trying to insinuate the same with Guard's current at Vaticano.

      (trusting some day Apollo will bring the best chocolates to the board).

    • Suiza...

    • where are you from Apollo?
      CH? means..(traduce please)
      Europe is a charming and lovely museum too!!!

      In America, sooner or later, everything above and the view: the bad and the good.
      That doesn't happen in Europe and "the great museum" take advantage of the most educated people all around the world.
      You must maintain that, because Europe can't grow economically and have a very strong energy dependence with Russia.

      An example of the darkness and -at the same time- European Merit:
      Austria is the historic sister of Germany in many ways.
      Germany joined their poors (after falling Berlin Wall) without asking anyone for the money and without losing control of inflation (as I think 'll happen in USA).
      The Austrian banks have lent 80% of its GDP in Eastern European countries with weak currencies: euros for subprime lending to people with low purchasing power that can no longer return any fee.

      Trichet (ECB) asked every day the Germans to help much and Germany look askance that Austria would continue in the footsteps of Iceland. Would be Latvia, Poland or Hungary? who knows ...
      No good money in these countries ... have no energy itself ...

      While each country at eurozone currency makes a distinct letter point at the beginning of their numbering cash to confirm who issued, many Germans have started to check their cash and change if the initial letter comes from other countries like Spain or Portugal.
      Germans prefer euros manufactured by Germany.

    • Horace,

      I am sorry for you but I am not american. To say the truth I am happy not to be american and this with all the respect I have american people. I am from Europe but not really (CH) ... Hope you got me. Have a nice day.


    • you are right.
      I have read and acknowledge my wrong interpretation problems when I've 5 screens in front of me while talking on the phone, looking for money to pay weekly salaries (what I learned in the USA) and continue building departments or planting native trees in our south and I do regularly .
      Apologies to all and appreciate your clarification.
      Freedom is what differentiates America from Europe traditionally obscurantist in the corporate information.
      I can hate Mozilo or Fuld and love Buffett / Rogers when they present their views.
      Try to look for Spanish or German bankers inside thinkings, and tell me if you find something ...

      God bless America

    • Hola, ain't no bank capable of depriving me of anything I want. Which americans you speak of? The entitled majority? Me thinks Jefferson would be shocked to find all the free stuff people expect today.

      • 1 Reply to mysman1
      • dear Mysman 1:
        This too clear that I didn't say anything and I have only transcribed a thought from someone who helped found your unbeatable country. I did so with the reasonable certainty of finding equivalence with the times.
        ------ -------------------------------------------------- ----------But I can confirm you, that no local or foreign bank, (including C, Santander, Boston, etc) back savings that Argentines had, and were in their balance sheets during our last default (2001).

        I fully understand the difference in institutional quality between the laws of your country and ours, but in my logic, I can't understand which the difference between these and start limiting the use of credit cards of people who regularly pay their expenses as seems to be happening in your country.

        Is that true?


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