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  • horacebello horacebello May 14, 2009 8:46 AM Flag

    two centuries ago

    I've written before my luck to have worked outside my country for decades and have kept most of my savings out of here.
    I don't think my views are read correctly, and it is true that banks don't work today by a strike. Habitual our mess.

    Convinced of my healthy intentions, do not mean to annoy anyone, just noting that the current that carries FED and the U.S. Treasury keeps quite similar to those used here with the results that you know.
    I accept your order: no more post and I'll continue reading you to keep learning every day.

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    • I think that you misinterpreted my post here I never (and will never) ask someone to stop posting !! I was speaking of myself that I am not posting but rather reading.

      For you to know I allow myself to intervene in your discussion with Darth and My becaused I lived in your nice country (Argentina) and know a little bit the system. Very nice country with all ressources but with certainly the worst government (Mr & Mrs K.) on earth.

      Saludos cordiales,