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  • horacebello horacebello May 20, 2009 10:59 AM Flag

    may I ask you something?

    Why the republicans don't chose Ron Paul instead of Mc Cain?

    Waiting for your views. Thanks

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    • "Why the republicans don't chose Ron Paul instead of Mc Cain?"

      Did you watch any of the republican debates? His own party did not want him running and he was not welcomed to the convention without an escort. In other words, his own party would not even think of supporting the true conservative that was running. Instead they picked McCain, a man that believes in Big government and global warming. A man that probably agreed more with democrats than republicans.

      The main issue in the GOP not supporting Ron Paul his foreign policy position as his domestic policy is in line with conservatism. His detractors always cite his foreign policy and unfairly label him a isolationist, when in fact he is a non interventionist. A huge difference!

      The republican party has been taken over by neo cons, that support a large government foreign policy. Ron Paul is a threat to the neo cons as he does not believe it is constitutional to have troops stationed all over the world, some still from WWII. He does not believe it is our duty to nation build and be the policemen of the world. This position is in total contradiction to both the republicans and democrats. The neo cons have somehow labeled him as weak on defense because of his positions. Ron Paul states that it is the duty of the federal; government to provide for a "defense" of our country, not a nation build policy. Ron Paul is also right when he says we have a foreign policy that meddles in other countries affairs, when we should abide by our constitution. He is also right in that we have a foreign policy that we cannot afford.

      The GOP made a horrible mistake in nominating McCain, a liberal. Although he may have won had he been against the initial bailouts, but like most elected republicans, he supported throwing more money at problem, acting like the liberals they hate.

      Ron Paul is right about the GOP, they have lost their way and he is one of the few that can blast them for their non conservative positions. Because at the end of the day, he is on the right side of almost all issues. When it comes to supporting less government and more freedom, Ron Paul walks the walk. Something other GOPers have not done. He has always voted for less spending, less debt, states rights and is a true conservative voice. He is a threat to other life long elected republicans.

      However since the election, he is getting more airtime and publicity. Unfortunately he will probably be too old to run in 2012. But with Ron, it is never about him and if he can start a movement where more "Ron Paul republicans" are elected, his legacy will last well after he does.

      California had an interesting election yesterday where the voters demanded that the government be reduced. That day will come to our federal government when people wake up and realize that the politicians today are committing generational theft. The problem is that almost half of the country pays no income taxes and they have zero incentive to reduce the cost of government. If less than 50% pay all the income taxes in this country, this country will be doomed.

    • may I ask you something? Ace or Darth, which is it?


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