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  • horacebello horacebello May 20, 2009 12:29 PM Flag

    may I ask you something?

    thanks wclass.
    I didn't watch republican debates.
    Learning a lot here.
    Agree with California and hope is beginning to emerge the real and responsibly America.
    The Timothy Paulson way, isn't a good one.

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    • Here are some videos you may want to watch on Ron Paul:
      The above video shows how even Fox news marginalized him.

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      • Midnight.
        I've seen every video twice to try to better understand the Ron Paul irrevocable position.
        I recognize three states of mind: one in each video.
        Recalled my first arrival, my surprise and enchant in the U.S. during Reagan (1981/1982: i'm fifty one)> an international construction Brazilean company had hired me for testing materials in Iraq > One month before traveling to the desert, started the war IRAK / IRAN where USA supported Saddam Hussein. My job was to choose the american additives to make a better concrete for the railways basement and also to transport removed minerals toward Baghdad. Because of the war, i had to work at one Lone Star factory in... Houston...with the red necks..and my disastrous english...
        I cried a bit with the second video for other reasons where mixed Lincoln, Franklin and Simon and Garfunkel: bound to happen.
        And Ron Paul isn't lying.
        The last showed me why the Republican Party prefered to deliver the election rather than choosing him because of his ideological purity.
        Think Ron Paul is too much for these times and there should be too many guys very happy with Ron'age.
        Now i know why i like him. Principles.
        Regards.. that first trip and I clearly never wanted to work within USA. I didn't want to be an immigrant because I love my country and want to build it, in the best of my ability. Brazilians were paying me sending the money to USA and remember having told the clerk who gave me my first Social Security Number:
        "Please Mrs, I need one NOT VALID FOR EMPLOYMENT.,my stay is a temporary one,and no American company has to pay my work. I just needed to get the driver license".
        Honestly, i think she never understood and remember very well the advice from one manager at the Lone Star plant:
        "In this country try to lie once or none. Because if you do two or three times and find you > miss you immediately. First but the truth hurts > everywhere with everybody"

        Reagan is dead, Ron Paul 'll never be president and I read every day in american newspapers many bureaucrats and bankers who have never understood the advice of a simple Texan manager even if they write and speak English much better than me.

      • i found this wclass:

        is it true?

      • thanks a lot wclass
        I'll watch them AM. Sure.

        (when i ask something is very simple : i can't understand )

        I wrote 30 days before the U.S. elections in a Spanish board.
        And wrote again there, making my own number when America began to give the average age of voters during weekend election.
        Using only statistics, i wrote the following numbers:

        I don't remember any U.S. elections as quickly and previously delivered by the Republican Party.

        don'y you think so?