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  • horacebello horacebello May 21, 2009 9:38 AM Flag


    I never thought that Venezuela would bring much disagreement.
    Reading the position of -our- President Blasto, Hardworkin, Trad, all.
    "Useful idiots" wrote TRAD.. and a lot of incredible things in my stupid view.
    "Useful idiots" repeating, for example, that if unemployment grows less than expected is A GOOD NEWS!!!.
    Who can believe that??? Where is the logic???
    I can't accord these "useful idiots" logic.
    I can't do so because in countries like my own, reality attacks closely every day, every hour, (minutes?).
    Here we're well aware what means a jobless: no money to feed the family. It's very difficult for Americans to understand, but this's what I think.
    How to explain that Argentina produces food for 200 million people (still we're less than 50 million)and some people are dying of hunger every day?.
    I got angry by the unemployed here and also everywhere.
    I write from the dignity and respect for everybody.
    I don't like to make money betting on short but I want to pay my workers weekly as you.

    One more:
    With the current speed of trading, computers, etc. I've no doubt that the financial system has been exceeded in size and need to pump more. We don't need so many instruments,so many banks and many bureaucrats for our few goods and services.
    When we all dead, someone 'll write how a few thousand crazy patients working in investment banks,hedges funds, etc, destroyed millions of jobs across the globe.
    I'm sure any decent mathematical or historian 'll fully ratify and confirm this view.

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