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  • darthrapier darthrapier Jun 4, 2009 8:15 AM Flag

    Pre-Market Darth Observations - 6/4


    Obama gave a speech in Cairo that seemed to be well received. I realize my goog friend President Blasto has some issues with "Obamination" but I've got to say that that guy can give a goog speech. I heard no overt apologies about America this time around unless I missed something.

    Europe is trading higher between 60-110 bips. Japan closed down 80 bips and Taiwan was down 40 bips. India was higher by 90 bips. Australia was down nearly 200 bips and China was down 40 bips. Our futures are trading flat to up along with Oil and Gold. It feels like a neutral day today.

    WFR? Maybe a bounce to $20/share today?

    Note: Intitial Claims are out at 8:30am and the Labor report tomorrow morning.

    Other Observations?

    1) Goog earnings/guidance? SAI, PSS, DCP and CMTL.
    2) Goog upgrades? OPY likes an AAPL, Deutsche likes PWR, MYRG, NDAQ, BEN & IVZ, Soleil likes AUXL, Bernstein likes GS, C likes CTL and LAZ likes GIII.
    3) Goog gappers? GIII, CMTL, SAI, C, BCS, PSS, RBS, AZ, DB, GSK, SHPGY, CS and UBS.
    4) Bad gappers? MATK (earnings), HOTT, CODI, HBAN and GU.
    5) Cramer? Goes on a TER.
    6) UAUA wants planes. Goog for BA.
    7) Barron's thinks TIVO still goes higher on its Court winning over DISH.
    8) Secondary? JBLU prices 23 million shares @ $4.25/share. No thanks. ICON prices 9.2 millions shares @ $15/share. Maybe.
    9) Goog SSS? BKE, ARO & SMRT.
    10) GS thinks Oil is moving to $85/barrel by the end of 2009 and $95/barrel by the end of 2010. I see $75/barrel in the future.
    11) IBD likes APSG.
    12) Takeouts? INTC takes WIND for $11.50/share.
    13) AHD/APL up yesterday when almost every energy stock was down.
    14) Anthrax threat? I think EBS.
    15) Trade of the Day? Mossberg likes PALM. So do I.


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    • Lord Humungus speaks from the UNG pits:

    • MS above $ don't accepted below 4% free)

    • Board,

      Lots of little movers today:


      That usually doesn't bode well for the general market has folks are looking at the garbage heap. I will say I traded OCLS. Sometimes, there's a gem to be found. It can heal your losses. lol.

      PALM worked out ok. If a stock gaps up and you're not in it, you can usually buy it on the intitial retrace to the bollinger or conservatively, wait and buy it when it moves above the opening price. The target is another half of the gap.

      WFR nearly made $20/share but not quite.

      Other goog stocks today trading their 50 day ema's over their 200 day ema's?



    • I didn't hear the speech, but I assume he started out by talking about himself?

    • finally starting to see the light, eh? it just feels good having a sensible, responsible man as president, and that makes all the difference. we need leaders with common sense, not egos.

      • 2 Replies to solarmillions

        Rogers only confirms the predictions of Schultz using a more sarcasm. But most point to where it hurts and we must pay more attention
        Any doubt about Bernanke knowledge?
        Any doubt about Timothy procedures to help his partners?
        Most of us full of them.

        In First person can say -as a survivor- I have endured, at least twice, 2% daily inflation and not less than 5 compulsory devaluation between 200 / 400%.
        Remembering my first conversation with TRAD here: He knew by a Brazilian friend, which means spending money at the end of the day because he couldn’t buy at the same price the next day.

        When Rogers considers the importance of properties and goods, is a simple mathematical analysis of the situation.
        There isn’t much of them for the amount of money in circulation and the press…and in addition to the currency papers , issued treasury bonds equivalent to almost zero rate like cash.
        What do we have?
        Debts to pay properties or goods without any money, secured loans without guarantees, insurance unsafe and mortgages granted to people who can never pay. As AIG or HIG with the TARP money.
        Don’t wish anyone to endure a single day what we have experienced here.
        Bernanke yesterday

        Someone denies the fall of the Berlin Wall?
        someone can deny the German discipline?
        No one.
        How many of you accept That Germany joins the East Germans without asking for money and sustaining frameworks to prevent emission and inflation?

        Listen to Timothy asking for time and confidence to the Chinese is…uncomfortable but knowing his partners … little to add.
        Instead, listen Mr Bernanke accepting his dissatisfaction with the common good cause panic.

        Some day we’ll know whether some banks were so big to fall or if we were just enough to pay their debt that had artificially generated.

        Mr Bernanke: “I respectfully disagree with your views.” (coinciding with your answer to Mrs Merkel)

        please Mr: stop the presssss$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

      • SolarFascist,

        Let's just remember dat da Devil was an excellent Communicator. He nearly tempted Jesus himself. It is written dat da Anti-Christ will be a Man of extraordinary abilities. As Obama says himself, he has a "gift" for oratory. Dat takes a big ego to say dat. I personally do not believe dat Obamination is da Anti-Christ but simply a Mabus. A John da Baptist who comes before. But, we shall see. 2012, da Mayan end date, fast approaches. Prepare yourself.

        Prophet Blasto


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