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  • horacebello horacebello Jun 8, 2009 8:02 AM Flag

    good ? day

    uncomfortable... and "journals" notice what everyone knew for 2 months.
    That WB toxics (WB was full of adjustables subprimes: nobody can pay them) inside WFC sheet balance are terribles, the C blablabla ...
    and -the journals- "accidentally" starting to highlight the shortcomings of the former system when they are really discussing about the new rules that limit the power of the SEC, the FDIC (?)and etc etc.
    (within FAZ -4.4 again- and waiting Mr Dimon to return my money )
    (I also made case Peewee and sold PM, YUM, and half of the 2011 oil futures)
    (if i just have half an hour, i'll explain Peewee some numbers to help him understand my portfolio: sure he'll enjoy)

    good luck for everybody

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    • just complete a half shortie portion -with LVS money- between 11.90 to 11.30 (5%).

      (Remaining another BAC shorties between 11.5 to 10.5)

    • Oops, I forgot! What was I thinking? Those Germans will have to paint the autobahn white, as well.

    • you idiot, the White House physicist already said roof tops should be white!

    • In any city with over 10 properties to rent, allows a comfortable retirement without duress.
      How much? Here the cost (I know your cost there too)
      $ 700 /sqm. + Impact of land that is very dependent on location
      In our capital, middle class location, you’ve to addition $200 bucks
      FINAL COST /sqm = $ 900
      So, one small building (11 apartments) means around 1 million dollars and are usually built over a period of 2 years.
      No credit here. No subprimes. 50% or more are owners. Nobody believe us. No lendings. OK.
      How many people need to build: 7 are 5ufficient.
      What is the average salary of these guys: $ 700 per month (including all their securities)
      Prices of cement and iron are commodities: worth the same in U.S. than in Argentina
      Ready mixed concrete = $ 80 +taxes/m3 (there in cubic yards = the same or around)
      6 months for the concrete (Venezuela payments are semiannually)
      Betting profits of 3% -or more- in dollars (FAZ, LVS, MS, BAC) and reaching $ 5000 per month you have free money to pay labor.
      Venezuela sells more than 50% of its oil to the U.S.. And pay almost 20% annually with their bonds.
      The devil is full of money but... w/ Venezuela you have free concrete and iron in one year (w/160 thousand in bonds) without risks.
      In short: you need 4 years in Argentina for a goog retirement.

      The U.S. embassy at Buenos Aires is trying to find out from two years ago, why are increasingly coming more Americans to settle here: 10 years ago were no more than 100, and the last three years reaching more than 700 per/year.
      True Peewee. Believe me.

      The cost p/sqm in the U.S. paying $ 1000 weekly average LABOR should not exceed 1500 dollars/sqm.
      The amounts exceeding these numerical limit, are the cost of banks and financial instruments that have multiplied by 4 through a financing without collateral.

    • my name is peewee. i be confucious today and tell horatio to live and die by his own conviction. he make more money that way. yes i like to fuqi in china but i bet no one else does. why? just because. i always make more money on my own ideas. if someone hate my ideas i make even more i find. i live and die by my own conviction. that is a universal truth for today. if horatio like venezuela so be it. maybe he make money. i have no conviction on evil chavez. atlas shrug in venezuela eventually. i have conviction on government and people of china. after all year of ox. i like ox and de vere. to be or not to be peewee? my name is peewee.

      • 2 Replies to peeweetzu
      • LVS 9.50!!!! my buck again!! 9%
        ($ 2700 in my pocket, 50% monthly labor!!! in two days!!)
        understand peewee?


        China'll give unbeatable benefits and spread its at the expense of the dollar.
        Very few countries can withdraw into themselves and survive: U.S., Russia, Argentina and two or three more. To isolate, needed to have its own energy, food and water enough.
        The new system 'll arrive with more protectionist domestic subsidies in developed countries.
        Iowa farmers can not compete with the Brazilians or the Argentines at the moment. Much less with Chinese farmers.
        But China sees serious disasters by their actual social composition. All its major rivers along with their major cities are contaminated absolutament.
        China will spend their carbon stocks while being built to double the reserve US oil vessels (in comparison w/U.S. strategic reserves).
        China is already established in Africa and Europe can't grow from here onwards. Europe has the best education on the planet, while the oldest people. Born aren't enough and that confirm an european obsolete future > lack of energy in most of their countries.
        can you imagine China helping Europe or they 'll choose to help and assist first Taiwan or Korea as they are doing right now?

        Dear Evan and Board:
        There is only one continent so rich as USA, and is called South America.
        Different languages, but here are the most important potable water reserves (Paraguay, Chile and Argentina), trees (Amazon Brazil) and oil (Venezuela, Brazil) or gas ( Bolivia).
        Historically poor but very few people living for so much wealth.
        No doubt we'll continue -north and south Americans- here throughout this century.
        No doubt Kofi Annan (UN) to ensure the incredible migration (hundreds of millions) will happen around the globe when start the natural disasters including China in the first places of the list.

        the best for you Evan and board.

      • Peewee,

        How do you know about De Vere, the Earl of Oxford, the true Shakespeare? It is said that De Vere followed the principles of Count Baldassare Castiglione, an Italian courtier. The Count believed that you should do goog things quietly, without pomp and circumstance, and behind the scenes. Only God should know (and will know) of your goog doings. After all, your doings will only echo in the afterlife if they are worthy and goog. Be goog and you will prosper both here and in the afterlife. So Castiglione said and De Vere followed. So should we all. Yes, the year of the ox will be a very goog year.



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