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  • horacebello horacebello Jun 15, 2009 3:21 PM Flag

    GA Board

    Hard work all the past week (2300 sqm slab concrete + quartz and black colour...finishing this wednesday)

    Running here to see the end of today at least.

    Autopilot last week was:
    FAZ selling point @ 4.63 > 5% (never reached).
    Within FAZ 5 days and it's too much time (new sell point today 4.70 > right now...good bye)

    BAC had a new sell order at $14 and Neither came. Lossing less than what obtained between 14.5 to 10.5 and insist with my view below 11 dollars.

    MS had a new sell order @31 and repurchased @ 29.8 (only these operation last week).
    Within 20 days the short position between $29 > $28.

    LVS never returned @ 10.38 (new selling price)and have lost the retracement.

    CURRENT WEEK (Only to Peewee):
    With the profit of the oil barrels 2011 (sold 50% above $70 and is a lot of money), waiting for more gold @ 920 or silver below 14.
    The great barrels money 'll repurchased the oil below @64.

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    • Today, Barrons chose to lead a rigorous analyst (too far, too fast).
      On Wednesday Henry Geithner'll inform us as to better regulate the financial system : one of the best jokes i've ever heard in my life.
      (our President'll follow confused with uncertainty)
      Russia and Brazil said last week: selling treasuries to purchase bonds of the IMF.
      Everybody following the yield if they returns above 4%...
      The BRIC countries want to diversify their assets reducing their dollar exposure and can not find the way.

      IMF bonds are a basket of currencies where the dollar doesn't exceed 41% and China was suggesting these all the past year...

    • loving TZA because of Skypper and Darth: looking for it too.