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  • horacebello horacebello Jun 20, 2009 1:26 PM Flag

    who won? of course the hunger (foods?)

    revising that names on saturday.....fucking names...all are the, chin, min, din, vin, jin,
    dear Peewee: yeahhh
    i bought XIN at New Zealand position during september 2008 @ $4.00. she went to $1.55 and now 7 dolars.
    ok peewee. you've the reason. Waiting XIN at ? $10? $15?

    nyny circa 1907...ok...let me study your 1907 numbers.
    Where can i find about these peewee?

    a poem

    dogs and soybeans,
    rice noodles and detriment
    vomiting toads and someone eats
    a few sweep the street
    still bad smelling as Tim

    came to ask us not to sell
    offer him all our fear:
    tim to lie back very far
    didn't know you ate dog poop
    and we deemed generous

    (poem entitled in the future:
    "Greetings and handshakes in Venezuela")

    the best weekend for you and everybody here Peewee

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    • my name is peewee. remember i pick fuqi at beginning of year. it go from 6 buck to 19 buck in less than 6 month. now i like real estate xin, chln and ej. you get rich that way. china have best balance sheet in world. most people want to be middle class or better in china. chinese not violent people like tin pot people in south america who drug up and like socialism. no. you must invest in china. everyone beholden to china except jack. we no want jack. he alien menace that for sure. my name is peewee. i tell truth.