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  • darthrapier darthrapier Jun 30, 2009 8:07 AM Flag

    Pre-Market Darth Observations - 6/30


    The World is mixed and Europe is trading flat. Commodity rich Australia was up 168 bips. Japan was up 180 bips although Taiwan was down 80 bips. India was down 190 bips and China was down 54 bips. No real guidance from the world today. The World needs to take some of that VNDA schizo drug. Our futures (QQQQ) are up just a bip or two.

    On the solar front, note goog news on SPWRA in a new borrowing relationship with WFC. The shorts have SPWRA by the balls though.

    Other Observations?

    1) Goog earnings/guidance? APOL & HRB.
    2) Goog upgrades? Canaccord likes FCX, Merriman likes RGEN, RBC likes IPI, Kaufman likes GSIC, Piper likes CWTR, UBS likes GS and nobody esle, BMO likes QCOM, Nomura likes CTRP and BAC likes ERTS.
    2) Goog gappers? APOL, HEB, HRB and GERN.
    4) Bad gappers? SCHN, ASBC and SRZ.
    5) Cramer? On vacation after eating questionable cookie dough from the one and only.
    6) GNW prices its Canadian IPO. Chart doesn't look half bad.
    7) AMAG - Put on hold by FDA for a couple of days. Oh oh, bear raid coming?
    8) Rumor Control - EXC board meeting to decide on bid for NRG. Jefferies raises target on NRG to $30/share.
    9) Baird likes to shop at COH, URBN and JWN.
    10) BP wins Rumaila oil field contracts in Iraq.
    11) Stem Cell players moving on GERN news...STEM, VICL and ASTM.
    12) Trade of the Day? I like NRG over 25.38.


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    • True Jack,

      Keep up da goog work. Even I, President Blasto, could not have done better.

      Don't let anyone take your Id.

      President Blasto

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    • Board,

      I ran an intraday scan of potential Volume reversal stocks trading their 50 day ema's over their 200 day ema's with more than 1 million in volume:


      Most of these stocks are moving on news. I thought NVAX had very good news. It should test 3.80/share either today or tomorrow. AGEN looks goog to me too. It seems little biotechs are moving again.


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    • Board,

      I'm back fromt the Stock Wars. I made my quota on TRW, XCO and SLM today. Oops, they didn't like that consumer confidence number.

      Just an observation that the $VIX will put in a bullish butterly @ 23.62 on a 15-day, 15 minute chart. I think the Bulls have their way until then. Then, we'll see. My gut is bearish but no way they'll sell off the Market big before July 4th even on this bad consumer confidence number. Basically, it's hard for me to swing trade or "invest" to the long side when I see a potential $VIX set-up like this. But, I'll certainly day trade to the long side. Looks like the Market is bouncing right here @ QQQQ 36.36. A decent base for a move back up.

      Other goog stocks?

      GERN - Did Old call this one?
      VICL - Little Biotech with goog news.
      APOL - Earnings. Includes all derivative plays like COCO and CECO and all the others.
      HRB - Earnings.
      CTRP - Upgrade. Watch UTA too.
      DIN - Nice chart.
      GOK - Metal type stock with decent fundies and light float.
      WFR? In wait mode. Should move back up to test 18.37. Keep stop under 17.70.


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      • Here is a little GERN news. I did call it but for another reason. I thought it would pop on news of the first patient being treated.
        Better to lucky than talented.

        Geron climbs after announcing stem cell partnership with GE
        BY Fly On The Wall

        — 10:03 AM ET 06/30/2009

        Geron Corp. (GERN) is rallying, after the company announced that it would partner with GE (GE) to develop and commercialize cellular products derived from human embryonic stem cells. The companies will use the embryonic stem cells to facilitate drug discovery and development, as well as toxicity screening.

        Under the deal, GE Healthcare has obtained an exclusive license to utilize Geron's intellectual property relating to enbryonic stem cells. After the companies announced their agreement, Merriman released a bullish note on Geron.

        The firm believes that Geron will receive royalties in the mid-single digits from GE, and the firm thinks that a "multitude" of products can be developed using stem cells.

        Moreover, Merriman predicts that Geron's stock will get another boost when the company begins a Phase I spinal cord study, which Merriman predicts will kick off next month.

        Merriman believes Geron (GERN) will have several additional positive catalysts this year and it maintains a Buy rating on the stock. In early trading, Geron surged $1.40, or 20.93%, to $8.09.

        Thanks OLD

      • hey psycho what happened to qqqq gap at 30 and wfr target of 100. Well oh wow well well. Memory fails wel well.

      • BACK comes the psycho fraudster!!
        Back with a bang and vengeance!

    • seriously considering to sell 30% of gold and silver and the last 50% of my future barrels.

      The fall in UK production and the freezing of all Europe Euribor rate @ 1.5% leaves deflation with advantage.

      (Only the Chinese -rogerspeewee- are buying gold and oil and no matter what happens)

    • Good morning board:
      If it's true that the shorts are going to bother inside Health, i'm seeing which are the ones that seem to be in reasonable price to park long within.
      CAH interest against a $ 34 bet and no doubt if it exceeds this average.
      proposal and acceptance of my mistake in following the game last week:
      what would happen if henceforth avoid answering to those who distort the board?

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