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  • horacebello horacebello Jun 30, 2009 9:35 AM Flag

    Pre-Market Darth Observations - 6/30

    seriously considering to sell 30% of gold and silver and the last 50% of my future barrels.

    The fall in UK production and the freezing of all Europe Euribor rate @ 1.5% leaves deflation with advantage.

    (Only the Chinese -rogerspeewee- are buying gold and oil and no matter what happens)

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    • Horatio,

      I've been told that Gold works during both inflation and deflation. Gold stocks worked very well during the 1930's. True or False?


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      • i sold today all my barrels futures (they 've strong resistance at $ 72;with paralyzed Europe they 've no wings to go ahead even if Nigeria continues its bombing.. ) and I expect to see gold falling below 900.
        The gold and silver worked well in 1930 for lack of Bernanke (I guess).
        If Ben stops buying their bonds we'll have an extense deleverage with a very high number of unemployed and an obstacle to productive > deflation.
        Banks'll need to repurchase their emissions more cheaply and they'll offer us the worst earnings with non-existent profits and toxic inside.
        Wall Street is buying time without paying a single dollar.
        The Europe numbers are a great...disaster: the east europe is over.
        Peewee has the reason: we've to study mandarin.